Thursday 7 May 2015

Ola from sunny Portugal - 11 days to go

Been offline for a few days enjoying the sunshine, food and wine of the beautiful Algarve. It was a great decision to get away for a few days of rest and relaxation before I start Lemtrada.

We booked the most amazing villa, the driveway is massive when we first drove through the gated entrance we thought we might have made a mistake and booked something more 'resort' like than the rural hideaway we wanted, so wrong ..... The house is enormous and so beautiful, the pool is huge, the pool table is great quality and we have yet to use the jacuzzi but I think tonight is the night for that.

I had my last oxygen treatment last Friday and so far I'm not too bad, a little tired and achy but not back to feeling like an old lady. I've done a few laps in the pool but not too many to wear myself out. The sunshine really does make me feel energised and miracle of miracles I even have a bit of a tan which for those who know me is highly unusual .... Red hair green eyes and freckles do not mix well with sunshine even wearing factor 50 sun screen

Tomorrow is our last day and for some excitement re are going on a 2 hour quad bike tour in the morning. I've never been on one before so I'm hoping it's great fun.

We decided against the dolphin cruise on a lifeboat as its 4 hours out in the sun and apparently as bumpy as hell, the same with the horse riding on the beach, cantering through the surf is one of the things on my bucket list, but there will be another time when we can do that after my treatment is done don't want to fall off and break something they might need to put a canular in :-)

Only 11 days to go now, the butterflies are quietly enjoying the sun. It all seems quite surreal that on Monday I go into work for one week before I go into hospital.. I'm drinking lots of water now and my body is used to it, no more revolving door to the bathroom required.

Hope everyone is well

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