Tuesday 30 March 2021

Is that a light I see at the end of the tunnel

 It's now officially been over a year since the Covid lockdowns started 

  • More than a year since we saw family in person. 
  • More than a year since we saw friends in person.
  • More than a year since I went into work and saw colleagues in person
We've had single short respite where we got out a couple of times for Covid safe meals (about July and August last year) 

A trip through the Costa Drive Thru is now classed as a treat and a 'trip out' where we interact with a human who doesn't live in our home.

Costco and Wellington Farm shop are the only places I've set foot in for more than 6 months

I've had both parts of my Covid Vaccine now so I'm cooking up some lovely antibodies to protect me against the virus.

The Easter weekend is coming 4 days off (for Gareth it's 5 because the company he works for gave everyone April fools day off too)

In May we have a week in Watchet (last years week replanned)

May 27th I have my next round of Ocrevus 

On top of all that allegedly life here in the UK is planning to start returning to what it was before all this got weird and awful.

Being able to see friends and family in person will be amazing and so very emotional

I'm looking forward to getting something done with my hair - it needs some serious trimming and shaping because I'm starting to look a little feral now 😂

Just sitting in a pub or restaurant and eating something cooked by someone else.

By this time next year hopefully this will be something we can look back at and be grateful to have come out the other side

Monday 1 March 2021

I hate my thyroid - A LOT

 B-Day -2 Days

This weeks entry comes with the unusual name of I hate my thyroid - A LOT

It's true, the stupid little thing is making everything harder. (apart from the usual nonsense)

It has to be Hypo - that's the problem. Hypo often leads to weight gain, and in my case I could blame my thyroid but it really would be hypocritical of me because funny thyroid or not, it was me eating chocolate and crisps and sloshing it back with all that wine...... it might be partially to blame but I''m certainly not without fault.

However; for the last 4 weeks - I've been so very good on my diet - positively saintly in comparison to my usual wild abandon and I've gotten to within 0.4lb of a stone of weight loss - and that burns - it'll probably be gone by tomorrow but that's not the point I wanted it to be in month and it's not :(  - the 18.5 cumulative inches I've lost across the various measurable parts of me are lovely - they're a damn good start  but dammit I wanted that stone.

It's supposed to go at the rate it used to - my plan requires this if I am to achieve my goal and be back in my wedding dress for our 10th wedding anniversary on July 30th (yes the program manager in me does have some contingency built into that) then annoying things like a little hypo thyroid can quite honestly bugger right off because it's really messing with my master plan.

I went with Gareth and the dogs to the park yesterday. It was my suggestion that we walk down to the far end and back so we could sit in the sunshine - and I made it. Such simple things, it's not so very long ago that I jogged around the outside that field (3 years?) thinking I must get back in shape but now I'm really chuffed with a slow stumble down the middle and back again.

Exercise update - total distance completed on the recumbent bike in February - 81km (it's actually become a therapeutic way to get through log dull conference calls 😎)

Times change - I'm doing everything I can (now - yes I know I can't claim to have been completely saintly all along) to build back strength and stamina and a smoking hot skinny bod to go with it (okay that might be an exaggeration - at 48/9 years old things sadly tend to be affected by gravity far more severely than they were in my 20's)

I'm hoping for a miracle - I'm also hoping that I win the euro millions on Tuesday night - one of these is within my control ......

The question you're asking is 'is control within my control' LOL ..... after all I've gotten all excited like this many many times in the years since I started this - you're perfect right to be more than a little cynical about this 

..... watch this space 

The sun has been out here all weekend in Berkshire, sadly yesterday the wind was also back again so whilst it looked beautiful, sunshine blue skies - it was about 4 degrees :-)

Naturally I put shorts and a summer top on to expose some of my lesser seen regions to the sunshine (assuming the vitamin D could find it's way past the goosebumps on my skin.

The BBQ's have both had a work out of course - the charcoal for a spatchcocked whole Piri Piri chicken and the Webber Gas one for a burger for Gareth.

All is beige here - I did have a quick pootle around Costco at the weekend, didn't have a Costa Drive Thru because the queue was mahoosive.less than 8 weeks now until the next round of ocrevus 

Thats all for now, hope you are well xx

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