Tuesday 19 May 2020

5 years ago yesterday this all 'began'

  • The sun is shining
  • There's a gentle breeze blowing in through the open window
  • Winston and Bella have both had long walks this morning with Michelle (it's great to have her coming round again, the dogs adore her and it gets them to long lead walks they both need)
  • Gareth is working downstairs in his office
  • Life is good

There will be fresh home baked cheese scones (that's biscuits to those of you over the pond) for lunch (Yes BreadGod has upgraded to making scones too - I'm hoping his next batch will be plain ones so we can do the whole Afternoon Tea thing with a pot of tea some sandwiches and scones with clotted cream and Raspberry Jam)

Life is good despite C19 and lockdown

Five years ago yesterday I was hooked up to the IV's and my Lemtrada journey started.

I wasn't scared, I was excited, it was empowering to be taking back control of my immune system from the MonSter, to stop being it's victim and kick it's arse.

5 years later I'm still excited, I still want to kick it's arse, Lemtrada did everything it promised to do and more. Most of the improvements I experienced are still holding strong. The weak legs and the numb arm came back but that's old stuff 'grumbling' and Mr N and I have a plan to put the brakes on that with Ocrevus later this year (C19 Permitting)

I was going to try and do a video today for the vLog thingy but we have 2 nice men in the garden with chainsaws and hedge cutters chopping the hedges down to a manageable height  (not the usual short back and sides and a flat-top - we're talking a good 3 feet height reduction overall) they're making fantastic progress, but I struggle to talk loud enough for the sound to be good under normal circumstances without the rattle of chainsaws in the background.

We've discovered we missed a couple of series of BlindSpot the TV show so the evenings have been partially used binge watching 3 or 4 episodes an evening for the last few days, we will probably catch up to 'real time' somewhere late next week I think then have to watch like 'muggles' going forwards. The joys of changing the sky box and losing all our series links so we can binge watch the stuff we forgot to re-add as we rediscover it.

Lunch today will be authentic Spanish Croquetta's with some aioli to dip them in - sangria in the sunshine on a work day sadly isn't acceptable at lunch so I'll just imagine that part.

I guess that's as much news as I have really, we're just doing our thing, staying home, staying safe and  taking care of ourselves and each other.

I hope you're okay, that life although strange is being kind to you. I'm here if you need to talk to a slightly nuts middle aged bird.

Take care, stay safe, keep fighting, contact free social distancing germ free virtual hugs and all that.

Ohh ... the one video I did make yesterday ... Winston and Bella doing the 'Leave It' challenge

Thursday 7 May 2020

4+11+2 - Quarantine continues and online shopping addiction

Has anyone else had a 'slight problem' with a rampaging online shopping addiction?

I saw an internet picture saying that the checkout button was not a replacement for mental wellness and had a good giggle about it, but looking back over the last 2 months, it's me - go on laugh, you're allowed, I'm laughing too even if my bank balance is weeping a little.

Don't get me wrong, the things I've ordered have all been beneficial to my mental well being, Wagyu beef, Iberico secreto, 10kg of Bread Flour for Gareth (who I now refer to as 'Bread God'), Portuguese Armaguinia, French Creme De Pamplemouse Rose, and a much more obvious pink hair dye. Lots of lovely things to BBQ and what at 48 is probably considered a mid life crisis hair change
My 'acquired brother' Steph said my hair looks like Bagpuss now ---- for those unfamiliar with the old British children TV show this is what Bagpuss looks like ....
For obvious reasons, once lockdown and social distancing rules permit I will be hunting my much loved acquired brother down to give him the slap he so clearly deserves. :-) Love you little brother but you know there's a law which says big sisters have to mete out punishments

Bread God has been cooking up a storm (hence the massive bag of flour) and I'm sure that, the good food and not being able to just get out and about is probably taking it's toll on my already considerably sized bottom and thighs but like the true coward I am - the scales are being ruthlessly ignored.

Tomorrow is the delayed May Bank Holiday here in the UK (Delayed from Monday to double up with VE Day - bizarre decision when we could have just had an extra one for VE Day) so today is 'Fake Friday' I'm looking forward to a lovely long weekend in the sunshine with Bread God and the dogs.

Stay Home, Stay Safe, Stay Well and here is this weeks Video Blog if you're that way inclined

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