Tuesday 31 January 2017

R2-WK37 - Loving the 'normal'

Well it really is right now, my MS is a little quiet mouse huddled in the corner with it's face pressed against the wall ... actually I have a better analogy than that, it's a bunny rabbit squished into the corner on the stairs because my cat decided that it wanted a bunny friend and the bunny wasn't having any of it.

I should add that no bunnies were harmed in the recreation of this analogy, Murphy brought the rabbit in deposited him on the stairs and sat there looking very pleased with himself. Murphy had brought a friend home for dinner (possibly not the rabbits idea of a nice meal when I'm pretty sure Murphy-Cat was planning on him being the 'entree') The rabbit whilst terrified was not injured at all and was rescued and relocated to a cat free area with the liberal use of an oven glove as an anti bunny bite protector.

I had my January bloods and pee (in an EVEN SMALLER pee pot than ever) tests done on Friday, apparently the pathology lab is backed up (again) and as of this morning still no results back. I'm in the strange position this month of being more focused on my TSH results than my Lymphocytes. A fellow local Lemmie has had the TSH rise and been on Thyroxin for a few months, but her January bloods came back normal so I've got most of my extremities crossed that I can replicate this and it's just a small 'blip' - so for the first time in a while I'm likely to publish 2 updates this week.

The tail end of last week and the weekend were nice and quiet, I caught up on some much needed rest. I've been a good girl on the diet front after getting my half stone award last Monday at Slimming World - I went and weighed in last night and I've lost another 1 1/2lb's so 8 1/2 lbs in total now for me (it would have been more, but a Miller & Carter Steak on Saturday and Mission Burrito for Sunday lunch were an indulgence that I think I deserved)

This week in Doust House is a little different, I'm at work but Gareth is on Jury Duty for a couple of weeks helping the British Justice System 'do it's thang' ...... so the usual 'So Dear how was your day' conversation is one we simply can't have for the next few weeks because he can't talk about what he's doing (all glamorous and 'spy like'). He spent most of day one sitting in a room with about 100 random strangers discussing such matters as:
  • Surely when they brought the reams of forms in that they wanted the jurors to fill in bringing pens would also have been a pretty sensible plan?
  • Why there were not enough lockers for each of the jurers to store things like mobile phones and smart watches indevidually - leaving your tech in the hands of a random stranger surely isn't secure?
  • Why are there is no obvious tea, coffee and biscuit facilities for all the jurors hanging around for hours?
  • Will there be sufficient time in the lunch recess to pop into town to the barbers and get a hair cut?
(not quite so glamorous and spy like now is it :-) ....)

I'm still under the physio for the damage I did to my shoulder falling down the stairs (again)

Have you noticed the change to the title ... R2 WK 46 - Round 2 Week 46 - it now seems to be the fashionable way to note your progress in the Lemmie community with people posting R1D3 (Round 1 Day 3) R2D2 (How did I miss the opportunity to use that shorthand) etc so I'm going to use that going forwards (mostly because as you've all worked out I'm not the most talented typist - in fact I'm pretty rubbish so hopefully less errors this way)

Stay well my friends and take care of yourselves.

PS - a bit of a giggle at my boss this morning - he's at home bunged up and sounding like a regular germy plague monster (for the 2nd ord 3rd time this winter). I found this funny and I'm probably going to regret laughing at him because Karma is going to come back and take a big bite out of my considerable arse but I did have to point out that I'm the one with the compromised immune system and have so far made it through winter germ free :-)

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