Monday 23 January 2017

R2 - Wk 36 - enjoying some rest and taking care of me

EEEK week 45 (again) and feeling fantastic just a little shell shocked to be honest that the time seems to have gone so fast.- only 7 more weeks and I’ll officially be 1-year post round 2.

I have my January bloods scheduled to be taken on Friday and it’s just dawned on me that I didn’t actually post the results from the December bloods that had to be redone at the start of January which raised the potential Thyroid problem (apologies for that)  so here they are :

After last weekend’s strenuous activities, I have worked hard this week to not work hard at all at anything except work (who insist on these things funnily enough)

The reason for the lack of weight loss last Monday has now been identified as ‘women things’ (apologies guys but it happens) and despite a moderately indulgent weekend I’m hoping for a loss tonight. I’m also now taking the new med the doctor has given me Tranexamic Acid 500mg which apparently is an anti-clotting type medication so I’ve send the information for that off to the Lovely Dr C and the Lovely Margaret to give them a heads up on the off chance that it does something funky with the platelet counts in my monthly bloods – wouldn’t want to be accidentally diagnosed with ITP – LOL

You probably think I’m a more than a little paranoid / mad for researching the above (as I do with everything) and letting the team know, but for me it’s incredibly important to be knowledgeable about what I’m taking, it’s possible interactions and proactively telling my team about that. The control freak project manager in me needs to know that I’ve not left anything to chance hoping other people have checked, double checked and then checked again. I guess it’s self-interest above everything else but it works for me.

After the non-event blizzard last week here in the UK we have just settled into a cycle of bloody cold. Minus figures overnight and barely making it into positive numbers during the day. We have had sunshine and ‘grey’ lots of ‘grey’ so the frost doesn’t melt during the day we just have more frost on top of the old. English winters really are quite disappointing non-events for the most part.

I’m not yet signed off by the physio after the ‘kinda busted but not really’ arm event and my subsequent slide down the stairs (again) event – I didn’t help that much last weekend with the paining and furniture moving but I am pretty fed up of it now and wish it would go away.

We have valentines booked at a lovely local restaurant to look forward to in the coming weeks and between now and then I need to hitch my substantial arse to the Slimming World Wagon, stay on plan and try not to fall off.

Keep well, keep antibac’d and keep going

Much love xxx

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