Wednesday 4 January 2017

December bloods - 2nd attempt

Well after the week before christmas and the multiple stabbings and my blood refusing to flow. This morning was a bit of a non event, the lovely Carol the one stab wonder was back on form and so were my veins and blood. One hole, all blood removed no extra leakage, just nice and non event.
I have another appointment booked for this afternoon with Dr F to restock my pain killer supplies which after a year of non MS related injuries and my recent 'middle aged woman TOTM' problems have taken a bit of a battering this year (well it's taken me a year to get through 90 tablets which should be taken 2 at a time no more than 6 a day so it's not quite as tragic as you'd think) I'm about the same age as my mum was when this happened to her, so there's a little part of me that won't be suprised if he tells me that I need a hysterectomy.
A couple of days and my results will be in so talk again in a few days xx

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