Monday 24 July 2017

1 year 2 months post round 2 blood results.

Here we go ladies and gentlemen

Blood results time, I'm guessing that last month's lymphocyte reading was quite likely to have been a blip / typo because they're creeping up in the low end of normal now.

The naughty thyroid is behaving beautifully again this month and life remains lovely and MS free.

Wednesday 19 July 2017

1 year 9 weeks post round 2 - Monsoon season in Berkshire

Apologies that I’m late this week, my life has taken yet another ‘Crazy Ivan’ to steal the line from The Hunt For Red October – or just a weird turn for those not familiar with the classic film / book
We had a nice relaxing weekend and enjoyed some sunshine with the dogs and just talked about our plans for the next few months. I’ve also sorted out cat sitting for the coming weekend as we will be off ‘oop Norf’ to visit with Gareth’s family. Gareth and his Dad will be undertaking ‘build your own PC from scratch - Part Deux’ which doesn’t terrify me quite so much since when they did Gareth’s the weekend before last it was a very civilised affair (unlike when Gareth built the machine originally which was a hot sweaty angry and sweary event which I vowed I would never to allow happen again in our home)
We had monsoon season again yesterday evening again here, the conservatory roof is leaking round the seals on the glass panels (looks like that redundancy payment might already be a little ‘pre-allocated’)
Winston needed a trip to the vets because he got stung on the foot last night so anti histamine and steroids for the pup …. Had to laugh he’s had 2/3rds of a day of Lemtrada meds :-)
As I’m sure those reading are finding incredibly tedious - I’m doing really great MS’wise no stress blip, just carrying on as normal nothing exciting to report.
And to be factually correct I really am going for my monthly bloods on Friday morning so next week we should have the next instalment of ‘where oh where did my lymphocytes go’ LOL
Take care of yourselves and each other, virtual hugs and mentally projected Anti-Bacterial force fields to you all.

Thursday 13 July 2017

1 year 8 weeks post round 2

1 year 8 weeks post round 2 – This is all going to read as a little fractured, simply because it’s been written in bits over the last 4 days …. 

Written on Monday 10th

Last week was a whirlwind of BBQ’s a visit from the outlaws (in-laws) and the first annual trip to the Pot Kiln in Yattendon for proper kiln fired pizza.

There were FAR too many late nights, my wine consumption exceeded what it should be. All things considered it was really fortunate that I managed to get my weekly oxygen therapy session in because had I not done so I suspect I’d have been pretty much flat on my back right now.

Pizza Sunday with Mr and Mrs Chappers was lovely, although because we’d taken the dogs with us it had its ‘challenges’ shall we say :-) For the first time Pizza Sunday history we did NOT discuss the plans for the impending Zombie apocalypse and our roles. Nor did we discuss politics or anything contentious … we just enjoyed the company and had a laugh. It’s just the practice run for the big Pizza Sunday when all the others are also available and not playing County Pool games.

Written on Tuesday 11th

Miracle of miracles, by the end of today our stairs at home should finally be finished. The 1-day job to lay the Amtico has been randomly split into 3 days in 2-3.5 hour chunks as a result of piss poor planning by the flooring company (the chap doing the flooring is lovely and bless him the convenience of thrashing the closest object means that the customers take their frustration out on him – not me – but some of the other customers – I just ring the office and use words like incompetent and business feedback with the schedule planner)

Written in the morning Wednesday 12th

So the stairs are still an ongoing thing, today is the last day and then they will be beautiful, safe and future proofed.

Tuesday 4 July 2017

1year 7 weeks post round 2 – when shapewear goes wrong – kinda

Well it’s that time of year when having failed to miraculously lose a couple of stone without actually applying myself properly to the challenge that I invest in ‘shapewear’ to squish everything straight so the lumpy bumpy bits aren’t quite so obvious. To be fair the long vest tops I’ve invested in are awesome, muffin top squished ruthlessly into place and the squidgy belly has the same treatment. I don’t even feel too ‘compressed’ and it’s light and breathable. But they’re vest tops – I look like I’m going to the gym or for a run – which I absolutely am not doing under any circumstances. This necessitates the wearing of things like lacy tops over the squish wear to make it a little more socially acceptable in the office.

Could be worst though – at least they’re comfortable and pretty colours.

I had a lovely session with the lovely Margaret last Friday, we talked about how MS free life is these days and how the blog is going – have I mentioned that there have been over 100,000 views of this worldwide since I started it??? EEEK thank you all for reading and sharing, I hope that it’s helped / helping with your choices and treatment or just makes you feel sane in this strange world of MS symptoms that your life is far more normal than this middle aged mad woman.

The dogs have had a lovely week with lots of shared walkies with Kirsty’s dog Jake and next door’s do Rocky. They also how have the run of the house while we are out, the lounge is no longer out of bounds during the daytime and Winston seems far happier to let us leave without having a neurotic meltdown. I’ve also invested in the doggie equivalent of ‘Calms’ to see if that would help but it’s a little early to say if they’re working …. They’re not ones that make them drowsy and so far they’ve not become zombie dogs so I’ll let you know how that goes.

I’m feeling awesome MS wise (what MS) and thoroughly enjoying life – long may it continue, thank you Lemtrada

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