Wednesday 29 September 2021

5 weeks in one post

Apologies for the absence, a lot has happened, but also not a lot if you know what I mean.

My back procedure was last Monday, very uneventful even if I did spend the 24 hours leading up to it panicking and not sleeping (possibly made the sedation far more effective) My lower spine feels less squashed now if that makes sense? I'm expecting a follow up appointment at some point in the next couple of weeks with the Orthopaedic guy to see where we go from here. 

MS wise, I've dropped an email to my Neurologist because I think for the first time I'm experiencing what is known as spasticity (awful word) the muscles in the back of my left knee are incredibly tight and it's making walking very uncomfortable. I'm doing some regular stretching to see if I can loosen it up and that might be working a little. Since I've not had this previously I've asked if this is possibly related to relapse activity and asked would an MRI be wise .... He came back and asked was it still happening and that he'd booked me an MRI - Hammersmith on the 17th 😎 I do love that he and the team are so very great and open to just having me pop an email across rather than faffing and waiting months for appointments.

Oddly I've also had to see a doctor this morning because the same knee started swelling up last night and because awfully painful around the joint and down my leg. They've done a blood test to check for the usual suspects (maybe DVT ???) and apparently I'll be hearing from someone later today / tomorrow

I've had my annual full jab already and it was gloriously uneventful as always apart from the sore arm and feeling a bit grotty the next day (same as the covid one)

I'm waiting to be invited for my 3rd covid jab (the booster I guess) which I rather hope will be within the next 3 weeks so it's got time to work before Ocrevus round 3 at the end of November.

We have a couple of new reclining sofas coming in October which will make lounging in the evening a much more comfortable affair, and the ensuite is being done on November 4th which will be very exciting. I'm just looking forward to being able to shower safely with confidence instead of feeling like I'm going to fall and injure myself in the other bathroom as the shower is over the bath - stepping in and out and sliding around when I'm in isn't a fun game.

I've also applied for PIP for the first time ..... according to all the horror stories I've seen this should be a horrible long drawn out and painful process which will ultimately end in heartbreak and disappointment - but hey you never know, it might be okay. If it's approved then I should be eligible for a vehicle under Motability which would allow me to get a vehicle which has a lifting hoist for my wheelchair which would mean I'm far less isolated and can get out an do more without needing Gareth with me to do Bob loading and unloading duties.

This weekend we have Gareths parents visiting so hopefully lots of relaxing, lots of lovely food and just catching up with life.

Apart from that my hair is even longer and life is the same.

Hope you're well 



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