Friday 27 April 2018

1yr 49wks post R2 - Adventures in Pilates and Bread Making

Hi all apologies for the absence, the whole face as a brake incident knocked he stuffing out of me for a while there. The minor concussion really wasn't nice and I had some interesting cuts and swelling.

All systems normal again here at Casa Doust, too many beasties, the weather has now cheered up, we had a 3 day mini heatwave last week which had me breaking out the summer dresses and my walks with the pups are so much less muddy now the ground has all dried up.

We made a small start on filling in some of the pot holes on the lane that the winter had gifted us which has made the neighbours very happy a couple have volunteered to assist with the next round of filling (it might have something to do with the fun you can have swinging a lump hammer and sledgehammer to beat the hell out of something)

Gareth and I last night went to Pilates together for the first time and it was actually really good, very relaxing and I'm not busted today as a result of it which is a relief. I did discover that my core isn't in bad shape, my legs not too bad overall either, but my arms apparently are not quite as weak as new born kittens but they certainly aren't as strong as I'd thought they were so that's going to get some attention.

I made my first Wholemeal SourDough bread this week from scratch - I can honestly say it was an unmitigated disaster, it didn't rise properly, the air bubbles were tiny, quite doughy in the middle and worst of all tasted very much of the starter rather than the nice gentle taste. It went straight in the bin. I will have another crack at it later following the strict guidelines of the lovely Hugh Fernley-Wittingstall to make a white one and see if I can manage to not arse that up.

It was Gareth's birthday last week (not an excuse for not having posted for 3 weeks) we went for a lovely meal at L'Ortolan down the road from us as part of the celebrations of him now only being 7 years younger than me for the next 43 weeks.

Bella-Puppy-Dog has settled in well, she's house trained and apart from some minor cat bothering she's the perfect addition to the family. Craig the most awesome trainer in the UK is coming up next Wednesday to do a little work with us on being calm (and not cat bothering) I'm also hoping that given the timing we've planned that perhaps a little refresher for Winston might be on the cards as The Postman (also known as Armageddon) should arrive at approximately 30 minutes after Craig does.

All in all life is awesome, the MonSter is in hiding, I'm happy and relaxed and loving it.

Monday 9 April 2018

1y47wks Post R2 - Falling down and using my face as a brake + Blood results

Yup I did what the title says

NOTE : I do NOT recommend doing this

I did a 'klutzy' - I slipped on mud in the dog walking park whilst trying to hold Winston-Dog and Bella-Pups collars. Logistically because I was bending forwards already the slip them pitched me forwards, heading face first towards a fence post.

It's amazing the speed thoughts go through your head in this situation, they all seem to happen at once
  • Oh shit this is gonna hurt
  • Oh shit I'm aiming straight at that post
  • Oh shit if I slam may face into the ground I will stop before the post
  • Mmmmm do I have mud and bark chippings in my mouth?
  • Why am I still in the 'praying position' with my face ground into the mud?
  • How long have I been here now?
  • Why am I still holding the dogs collars did it never occur to me to let go and use them to stop my fall?
  • I wonder how bad the damage to my face is gonna be - it kinda stings - a lot
  • Why am I still in the 'praying position' with my face ground into the mud? (this is the 2nd time I think this)
  • Is there any graceful way to get up from this?
  • Why hasn't Gareth come and helped me up yet? (in Gareth's defence he was actually locked on the other side of the fence)
  • Has Gareth even seen that I've 'face planted' ?
  • Why haven't I let go of the dogs collars and regained the use of my arms yet ?
  • Why am I still in the 'praying position' with my face ground into the mud? - 3rd time - I finally start the getting up process.....
In reality all of the above actually took about 30-45 seconds 

I have a concussion, some interesting cuts and scrapes to my face, some swelling and surprisingly less bruising than we originally anticipated thanks to what I'm referring to as my lightening fast 'Ninja Skills' and the well timed face plant. I'm pretty sure if my face had hit that post at the angle it hit the ground I'd have shattered my cheekbone, eye socket and probably my jaw .... so all things considered it comes under my 'reasons to be cheerful' header - I'm cheerful that's all it is.

In a puppy chewing frenzy Bella-Pup has decided to gnaw on one of the windowsills in the new kitchen extension (not a conservatory anymore) - she seems as unimpressed with my threats that I will casserole her with onions and garlic as all the other beasts in the house are when I make this threat. So Bitter Apple spray it is for a while then some hard work with sandpaper and repainting when she's grown out of the phase. 

Blood test was done last week, results are below for your enjoyment. Thyroid is still 'funky' but I'm taking my one a day for that and apart from that it's all systems are 'normal' which is a lovely way to be.

Live long & prosper and when falling - break the fall with your hands - not your face xxx

Far too long between updates (again)

 So what have I been up to in my long absence and how have I been ? Well the Crohn's is under control and back to how it's always be...