Thursday 23 January 2020

4years 8 months blood results and another Amber update

The scores on the doors for this month. Thyroid seems to be on the frisk again, not at all sure what is causing that, watch and see I guess. Certainly explains why I've felt like a flat tyre for the last couple of weeks (I'd been putting that down to post Christmas / overdoing things / dodgy tooth thing and worrying about Amber)

Poor Amber had another funny turn on Tuesday, I got a paniced message from doggy daycare to say she'd collapsed and couldn't get up, she was just thrashing her head around and one of her eyes had rolled back in her head. Left work in a panic only to get home and find her wandering around with her eyes where they should be. Later that evening there was a massive explosion of sick and after that she perked right up (persumably because the nasty came out).

I have plumbers booked for tomorrow to come and give me a quote for replacing the whole shower unit in our ensuite, fingers crossed that they aren't too expensive and we can just get on with it.

So here they are, enjoy

Monday 20 January 2020

4yrs 8mths and a little bit - visitors, cooking and Amber update

Back in work again, sadly another week has passed and the powers that be at the Euromillions have decided once again that this this week it isn’t me L

It’s been freezing here for the last week, with the smart meter that shows the cost for the gas and electric rolling round at high speed racking up an eye watering daily charge. Being so cold does have some benefits, clearing up ‘dog nuggets’ from the garden is far less gross – flip side it’s like a skating rink getting to the lawn LOL
We had Gareth’s parents down for the weekend, lovely to see them and catch up and as usual we cooked up lovely things – slow cooked Greek Lamb leg on Friday and BBQ’d on Saturday (well mostly Gareth did because I was hiding in the house keeping warm and watching the Newcastle v Chelsea game – last minute Newcastle goal for a win YAY) Alternative Sunday dinner was chicken and pineapple fajita’s with lime sour cream and refried beans …. And tonight I’m aiming for Toad in the hole (but to be fair that was plan A yesterday too LOL)
I had my monthly ‘stabbing’ on Friday and was hopeful for blood results later before I hit the publish button for this post. I’ve just called and they’ve not been reviewed yet so try again tomorrow please ….. ho hum, based on recent form there’s a high chance having written this it could be 3 days before I remember to publish it so watch this space.

I have my annual meet up with the neuro 2 weeks tomorrow and as ever even though I’ve had a sneak peek at the result I’m still nervous …. Silly me ….
Amber is much better after the fright she gave us a couple of weeks back, Beagling on like the star that she is. Winston and Bella are mad and Murphy-Cat is as lovely but cowardly as ever. Gareth loves his new job and much more chilled out these days.

I’ve decided a year without a working shower in the en-suite is long enough and contacted a plumber to come and quote for the work myself. The old saying of ‘if you want something done, do it yourself’ comes back to haunt me again J

Amber’s ‘mini’ that I won in a charity raffle to raise funds for BeKind Rescue was made last week and has arrived. It’s amazingly good and the lady who makes them is super talented (I’ve had July 20th this year booked for having the other 2 made since May last year so in 6 months’ time we will have a full set) I had 3 ordered so I donated my 3rd back for another raffle – it didn’t seem right to just reduce my order when I had planned to pay for 3 anyway so they got 2 raffles for 1 in the end
Look how wonderful the replica of our girl is – I did consider posing her with the mini and a real carrot but decided the ensuing bedlam was too likely to end up with something being broken LOL


Hope you’re taking care of you, wrapped up warm and feeling loved.
It’s still Monday and I’m going to publish …. Will wonders ever cease so back tomorrow (hopefully) with blood results xx

Monday 13 January 2020

4 yrs 8 mths (ish) - Tracy 1 - 0 Silly Appointment Time

Sometimes a good whinge can really help with things.

I called Charing Cross and asked them how I should get there for a 9am appointment on a train arriving at Paddington at 07:26am and it was universally agreed as physically impossible. They put me through to the secretaries who also agreed that World Peace & Brexit were more achievable and promptly moved my appointment to February 4th at 14:15pm J Same location / journey, significantly less chance of getting my face kicked in by angry commuters.
Last Wednesday was awful, poor Amber Girl was in a terrible state, she literally started exploding fluids from everywhere, collapsed, her gums had gone completely pale and her breathing was similar to chain stokes in humans. Gareth left work and came home to come with me to the vets, and we didn’t think she would be coming home. The vet was epic, sure it was a horrible case of a bug going round (apparently it’s the same for dogs as it is for kids in school) which because of her age looked really bad but it could be treated. She came home – 48 hours later she was full of life and bouncing around again.

We’ve had dinner out and some really spectacular dinners in – an epic 24 hours sous vide Brisket finished on the BBQ with Brazilian spices, chicken liver and Pedro Ximines pate, Chicken Milanese and a Beef Casserole – I’ve really been cooking up a storm over the last week and there’s a plan for some spectacular Lamb Chops later in the week.
Once again I’ve been reminded I need to do some ‘rationalisation’ of paperwork (I’ve been meaning to get round to this for nearly a decade – but hey this time might be different)

Happy new year to you, hope 2020 is kind to you xx

Tuesday 7 January 2020

4yrs 7mths 3 wks - Blood reults christmas toothache and the most awesome news EVER!!!!

Read to the bottom - there's something you don't want to miss down there :-)

Christmas and New Year are over and done with and normality is resumed.
We had a lovely one visiting family in deepest darkest Wales and Yorkshire. There was a slight fly in the ointment with me being unable to have a drink as a result of mega strong antibiotics. I had to have an emergency dental procedure on the Friday before Christmas. I had an enormous abscess under a tooth which left me in excruciating pain and half my face looking like a hamster storing seeds for later. All sorted now though.

I had my annual MRI on Saturday afternoon at Hammersmith Hospital in London. I’m hopeful that the results will be ‘all the lights are out’ a 5th year of NEDA is my hope and if it’s not well I still have all of last years preparations to fight for a 3rd round of Lemtrada. Hammersmith were great, I arrived nearly an hour and a half early (I really hate to be late for important stuff like this) and thanks to a cancellation I was in, out and back on the bus to Paddington before the actual time of my appointment time.
I’m due to see Mr N on February 5th for my annual check-up – at 9am (AGAIN) - £48.20 to get into London at peak time but the appointment is at Charing Cross rather than St Marys – I’m having nightmares about how to get there from Paddington. There’s the London Underground and buses involved in this manoeuvre.

At a respectable time would not be too much of a challenge, but at 7:30 in the morning at the height of rush hour it is slightly more difficult to manage than Brexit or World Peace. Seriously – you can’t get a folded up child on a tube train at that time in the morning let alone a middle aged woman in a big wheelchair ……. I’ve left that with the secretaries, but seriously St Marys is round the corner and Hammersmith is on a bus route – literally anywhere else in London would be doable, but Charing Cross for 9am in a wheelchair ….. it might as well be on the moon.
My thoughts are now turning to holidays (we’re booked in Watchett again in April for Gareth’s birthday) but some friends of ours are currently in Florida ‘doing Disney’ so to speak and I’m feeling really nostalgic – not ‘do-able’ while we have Amber, we won’t leave her again because we’d never forgive ourselves if we weren’t here and something happened. In my head though …… it’s warm and sunny and I’m sipping something made of Rum and Coconuts with my feet in the pool.

8 weeks tomorrow is the anniversary of my entry to the world – I’ll be 48 years old …. WTF ….. HOW ….. WHEN …… NOOOOOOO

Seriously I don’t get how I can be coming up to that age – in my head I’m still 27
All those promises I make to myself about losing weight, getting fit, quitting the smokes, shaving my legs more than 5 times a year (LOL) and another year has passed, I don’t smoke anywhere near as much as I used to, but apart from that there was little to no progress made in the other areas.

A New Year … to quote Yoda ….. Do or do not. There is no try.”
I finally got my blood results for December today – mostly because my spreadsheet is on my laptop and I’ve not been at work so I didn’t bother. All terribly boring and normal as usual, I don’t even worry about the strange red ones now that the Haematology man has cleared all the scary stuff.

AND EDIT – I typed this up yesterday but time got away from me and I didn’t get round to publishing it. I did however make the time to drop my blood results across to my Doctor and Neurologist with a note for Mr N to say ‘see you in a few weeks’ time for MRI results’ ….. this morning I’ve had a reply from him, not a man of many words on email but that’s fine – this is enough J

the mri scan was stable
Another win for the spreadsheet and proactively making sure I keep my team up to date rather than leaving then to their own devices

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