Monday 13 January 2020

4 yrs 8 mths (ish) - Tracy 1 - 0 Silly Appointment Time

Sometimes a good whinge can really help with things.

I called Charing Cross and asked them how I should get there for a 9am appointment on a train arriving at Paddington at 07:26am and it was universally agreed as physically impossible. They put me through to the secretaries who also agreed that World Peace & Brexit were more achievable and promptly moved my appointment to February 4th at 14:15pm J Same location / journey, significantly less chance of getting my face kicked in by angry commuters.
Last Wednesday was awful, poor Amber Girl was in a terrible state, she literally started exploding fluids from everywhere, collapsed, her gums had gone completely pale and her breathing was similar to chain stokes in humans. Gareth left work and came home to come with me to the vets, and we didn’t think she would be coming home. The vet was epic, sure it was a horrible case of a bug going round (apparently it’s the same for dogs as it is for kids in school) which because of her age looked really bad but it could be treated. She came home – 48 hours later she was full of life and bouncing around again.

We’ve had dinner out and some really spectacular dinners in – an epic 24 hours sous vide Brisket finished on the BBQ with Brazilian spices, chicken liver and Pedro Ximines pate, Chicken Milanese and a Beef Casserole – I’ve really been cooking up a storm over the last week and there’s a plan for some spectacular Lamb Chops later in the week.
Once again I’ve been reminded I need to do some ‘rationalisation’ of paperwork (I’ve been meaning to get round to this for nearly a decade – but hey this time might be different)

Happy new year to you, hope 2020 is kind to you xx

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