Thursday 23 January 2020

4years 8 months blood results and another Amber update

The scores on the doors for this month. Thyroid seems to be on the frisk again, not at all sure what is causing that, watch and see I guess. Certainly explains why I've felt like a flat tyre for the last couple of weeks (I'd been putting that down to post Christmas / overdoing things / dodgy tooth thing and worrying about Amber)

Poor Amber had another funny turn on Tuesday, I got a paniced message from doggy daycare to say she'd collapsed and couldn't get up, she was just thrashing her head around and one of her eyes had rolled back in her head. Left work in a panic only to get home and find her wandering around with her eyes where they should be. Later that evening there was a massive explosion of sick and after that she perked right up (persumably because the nasty came out).

I have plumbers booked for tomorrow to come and give me a quote for replacing the whole shower unit in our ensuite, fingers crossed that they aren't too expensive and we can just get on with it.

So here they are, enjoy

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