Thursday 19 December 2019

Last working day of the year WOOHOO

Last day of work for the rest of the year today WOOHOO
I’m in the office and it’s a little like the Marie Celeste …. A few people here and there but it’s definitely not busy here today. It is surprising that there are so few people here because we have a celebrity visitor for the grand opening of the new office - Olympic gold medallist and sports personality of the year winner Mo Farah. I really don’t like taking selfies and thinking I’d probably look like a beached whale next to him because he is super skinny LOL I went for a head shot in the end!!

My car has to go into the Ford garage on Saturday so they can look at why the ‘oil change required’ notification is coming on every time I start the engine. We all agree that when it’s only 9 months old and has only done 6,200 miles this is not ‘normal’ behaviour for the car and that since I’m going to probably rack up 1,000 miles over the course of the next 10 days it needs to be looked at. They’re giving me a Transit Connect Van for the day so I can get around while they look at it.
Christmas shopping is nearly done – just like that a late concerted effort and we seem to have cracked it. We have a Christmas tree up, the house looks quite festive and I’m looking forward to seeing everyone.

K9 Pleasure Park is pretty swampy as it is at this time of year; the dogs are going to be renewing their acquaintance with the bath a lot more often over the next couple of months.
So this next bit might not make much sense at all but I’m having a workplace assessment for a nice orthopaedic chair done and the lady is taking photos of me which I’m sure are slightly less flattering than the one with Mo taken earlier and I’m certainly less picky about the quality of them or how many chins I have on them LOL

It would appear I’m getting another monitor for my desk too
Right I’m done for the year – I’m out of here J

Tuesday 10 December 2019

4yrs 6mths 3wks - I passed the test YAY

4 years 6 months and 3 weeks
Apologies for the longer than advised absence, the training course was super intense, but I passed, I’m now a certified ‘Green Belt’ Six Sigma person – I need to pick a piece of work and put it all into practice and be assessed on it to be a practitioner but I’m certified or certifiable depending on your viewpoint I guess.

Our dishwasher randomly died on us a couple of weeks back, we had 10 days of having to do stuff by hand which was surprisingly not the ‘end of days’ scenario I had envisaged, but the novelty of a night time bonding session over suds and tea towels certainly didn’t last long. Fortunately the replacement has now arrived and been installed and harmony is now restored (apart from the bit where Gareth still walks past the dishwasher to put cups and glasses next to the sink – why do men do that??? I guess I should just be grateful that they mostly gravitate towards the kitchen LOL)
The office move has now happened, we are in our shiny new premises in Reading and despite being 1/3rd of the distance from home of our old office – it takes twice as long to get to because I’m going in the same direction as pretty much the entire population of Berkshire each day now – I foresee getting out of bed earlier and earlier until I beat the worst of it.

We’ve ordered a new bed base which is being delivered on Friday, hopefully this will help with some of the back pain I’ve been having for the last few months – I don’t think it’s anything MS related (January MRI and Neuro review will confirm or deny this suspicion) It’s more likely to be that the old bed slats are too bendy and by big fat arse is sinking too low and making me into a ‘bed pretzel’
What else ….

Well honestly not a huge amount if I’m honest, certainly nothing exciting that makes my lifestyle look glamorous and sexy. I’m not attending any awesome Christmas parties; we have no family near us to visit with before the big Christmas drive around the country and we’ve been rubbish and not planned anything with friends. We suck so much at being social.
And then there’s the Christmas presents ….. still shooting a solid ZERO on that one ……

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