Thursday 10 September 2020

The broken toe video

It's taken a couple of days to get this done, 4 attempts to record it with my Mac crashing randomly part way through (although you may be relieved to know that the result is that this one is VERY short)
Ohh and I finally got my hair professionally trimmed and sorted so I no longer look quite to much like Grizzly Adams slightly more feral older sister :-)

Tuesday 8 September 2020

How many broken bones can you have at once

Apologies for the absence, if you've seen the vLog then you'll know about one of my broken bones, but not the 2nd.
It's been a strange old few weeks, first I managed to break the scaphoid bone in my right wrist in a 'falling down and putting my hand out to stop myself hurting myself' incident which made typing incredibly hard. A week later I managed to catch my little toe on my right foot navigating round the furniture barefoot at home and not only break a bit off the end of it, but dislocate the knuckle in the middle of it too.
All things considered the last few weeks have involved much swearing, crying and general frustration at how bloody hard everything suddenly became having lost my ability to actually do pretty much anything without extreme discomfort and risk of hurting myself again
I ended up at the Royal Berks injury unit and saw the same lovely nurse both times - she has now warned me that this coming Sunday is her last on this rotation and if I'm going to break something else perhaps I should take her chocolate and flowers so it feels more like a real 'date' LOL
I've been up to the Royal Berks today for another wrist X-Ray and this time there were people there at the X-Ray department which was quite strange as the previous visits it's been like waking up 28 days later with me being the only person moving around the hospital. It's all very safe though, very carefully managed and organised so nothing to be afraid of s long as you practice distancing, great hygiene (which we're all very experienced at) and wear a mask.
So hows everything going MS wise ? It's all very much the same if I'm honest, nothing has noticeably got better or worse which is a good thing, lets face it 'beige days' are always a good thing with MS when something else didn't stop working properly.
I've had my blood tests for Ocvrevus. another Neurologist appointment (which might have been in error since it happened on the day when it was supposedly cancelled from) apparently my next contact will be for going in to have the first part of the first treatment (the first Ocvrevus infusion is split into 2 parts 2 weeks apart) - I guess the last few weeks of broken things have very much given me confidence in going in for it so that's a good thing.
Gareth is now going back into work a few days a week, it seems to really make a difference for him, having human contact other than me.
I can go back in to work again if I want to, it's voluntary not mandatory - I have to book a desk in advance to make sure we aren't all coming on at the same time - so if you need to go in and the available and distanced desks are full it will deny you access - I suspect it will be many months before that actually happens. Of course right now I can't even get Bob out of the car let alone back into it so that's not happening for a while yet unless I can plan some 'muscle' to assist. I think when I do it's going to be a welcome change.
I bought myself a recumbent cycle a few weeks back so that I could do some exercise, build some strength hopefully lose some weight and get more fit without actually causing more problems with my middle aged arthritic knees which I really enjoy using - right up to the time I broke my toe - right now the thought of using it terrifies me somewhat but when my toe is better I'll be back on it.
The dogs are still loving that they're never left and we're working on trying to get them used to that again. They're loving that Michelle walks them now rather than just playtime in the garden though.

So I'm popping up another video today to explain the 2nd break on the vLog but here's the last one for you to have a giggle at.

Stay safe and take care
Much Love

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