Wednesday 20 December 2017

R2+19m+1wk - hoping the physio can 'fix me'

Bloods on Friday were gloriously uneventful, lovely nurse as usual was a 1 stab wonder I managed to provide a pee sample this month which was not ‘contaminated’ (by being female) Hopeful for results later today or tomorrow.

MRI on Friday night was interesting, as previously posted, it was a full head and spine but without contrast. The team there were lovely with my minor ‘melt down’ when I said it as probably a huge waste of everyone’s time, and that it had all been waiting for so long I’m now formally registered disabled which I wasn’t close to being back in June when I asked for the MRI and Neuro appointment to be arranged.

If I’m brutally honest I had a proper spleen venting about the lack of Neuro appointments in Basingstoke now, that the MRI machines there are no longer available for appointments in the area. Well it all sort of tumbled out along with a lot of tears and bless them they were lovely despite me being a blathering mess.

Now I guess I’m waiting for the appointment on the 27th with the new Neuro who hopefully can give some answers to the changes in the last 6 months and where we go from here. I’ve shared the questions I have already, so I will absolutely be expecting some answers. (yes I’m an insane control freak)

I finally made it back  from Southampton at 22:40pm ….. not my dream way of spending a Friday night, completed by a phone call from Gareth (who was at his works ‘doooo’ in London) to tell me that the signals were broken on the rail line from Paddington to Reading and all the trains were stopped. In a feat of magnificent ‘Britishness’ he and 3 random strangers also stuck in London clubbed together and got an Uber to drive them all home, dropping in Maidenhead, J11 of the M4, Reading Town Centre and Caversham each passing ¼ of the quoted cost to the last one out exchanging business cards so that if the cost was higher than projected they could pay the last chap back the extra.

On a bright note once hell Friday was done the weekend was really productive.

I got myself gassed at the Reading MS Therapy Centre, I also saw the Acupuncture Physio about my left leg – now here comes the REALLY good news, he poked at me for a few minutes and has said that my psoas muscle is in spasm. Apparently, this can be fixed very easily – about an hour possibly – the hour is booked for 13:00 on Wednesday – I’m very much hoping he can fix me and that by Wednesday afternoon I’m bouncing around like a spring lamb again.

We also chased the custom carvings that we had ordered as our Christmas presents to ourselves and the company who were doing them has gone bust – this they are only just admitting to 3 months on…. We now need to work out how to manage this situation through the police or the court to try to get our £1,200 back – or if you know someone big and scary send them my way please. Absolutely gutted because the custom dogs were something we really had our hearts set on especially with Amber turning 13 tomorrow.

So anyway it’s taken me 2 days to completed this post because of work and training and life, my blood results came back to here we go might as well do it all in one go …. Hey if I forget to hit the publish button you might even get post physio on this one too.

The Doctors want to talk to me about the Monocytes that are slowly rising.


I’ve said before Dr Google is a complete and utter ass-hole …. He’s a very shit doctor and I KNOW BETTER than to google things like this

Still …. Fuck ….. that’s not going to play on my mind ‘much’ at all is it

Thursday 14 December 2017

19 months post R2 - MRI and bloods week

First of all my apologies for the lack of a post last week, and it being so late this week.

I was away with work for a few days last week in a hotel and customer meetings and when things got back to normal I had 3 days of 'normal' to make up from being away - it's taken me a while. This weeks excuse is that the first 3 days were days of training (see last weeks excuse - although I did get to sleep in my own bed)

Tomorrow morning I have my month 20 post round 2 blood tests (and yay I can do my pee test this month) I'm not expecting anything strange to come up on this months results but hey it's the season of gift giving so you never know) At 19:30 tomorrow evening I have my MRI down in Southampton (because apparently now my Neuro is on long term sickness leave, in a feat of magnificently negligent incompetence the machines up in Basingstoke can't be used any more and we all have to do a round trip of 90 miles to get an MRI done or even see one of our newly assigned Neurologists - way to go for helping people with mobility problems you monumental ass-hats :-( .........)

I'm now the reluctant holder of a shiny blue badge which I refuse to use unless I have no choice. It lives in my handbag and I'm very much looking forward to the next time I see someone park in one and fail to display a badge and I can wave it at them and make the point I'm entitled to use one but don't unless I need to because there's always someone who needs it more and ask what their excuse is (kinda hoping I don't get punched in the face on these occasions)

In reality over the last 2 weeks we've got very little done on the 'life front' apart from finally finishing the gloss painting in the new room that's replaced the conservatory. We also decorated the Christmas tree so we have a little festive spirit going on. We've not bought a single Christmas present for anyone yet and time is certainly running out fast.

On a bright note the lovely Nino who did our garden fencing also does garden services (phew thank goodness I typed this - it reminded me to pay him) and he's done the winter tidy of our garden, ruthlessly lopped the hedges and best of all taken all the cuttings away. If you're in the Reading / Berkshire area, I HIGHLY recommend Woodley Fencing and Gardening Services for their service and professionalism.

Tonight is the work Christmas Doooooo. Now those of you who've been following this for the last couple of years will know I don't 'Do' work 'Dooooo's' - I just decline. But being in a new job in a smaller organisation it seemed like I should accept. I will of course be driving so I will be on my best behaviour and in reality will probably be making my exit long before it all gets 'interesting'.

So this weekends plan:

  • Christmas shopping - I'd like to get it all done in one day *aspirational*
  • Go and book and pay for the Christmas Ham so we can pick it up just before we head to Wales for Christmas
  • Get the Christmas Drink stuff ordered - OHHHH I can Amazon Prime that shizzle ......
  • Put feet up
  • As the Shepherd said to his sheep - I will then do Flock All

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