Friday 19 November 2021

Upcoming Ocrevus, RoboBob, Yet another MRI, PIP interview and stuff

 Next Thursday for the next round of the good stuff, I'm all prepared, I've got some anti UTI meds on the go this week (the urologist suggested this) so that I don't provide a funky pee test when I get there. I'll have enough Mini Cheddars to feed a football team and plenty to watch on my iPad for the day (assuming I don't sleep through it all thanks to the antihistamine 😂)

RoboBob arrived and is doing just what he needs to. It's nice to be able to get out and about again rather than restrict myself to small outings with minimal walking - And I will admit I do get a kick out of watching him fold and unfold himself.

I'm booked for another MRI on December 19th. I had the pre-ocrevus call with the nurse to check I was ready and I asked about the MRI results (I'd already seen the one liner on my online records and spotted that there was something odd) The nurse told me my brain, neck and spine all showed no change and I queried how they knew my spine was fine since they didn't actually do that. So back for a full back and I still want the neurologist to actually talk me through it not a nurse reading comments back with no context.

I have a PIP interview on Monday morning (fun start to the week) I've applied at last because with the back problems on top of the MS I now can't load the power chair into the car myself. I need something with a hoist mechanism so I can get around alone and use the wheelchair without being dependent on having Gareth or another reasonably strong fit person with me and that requires a motability vehicle, I'll probably ask for hand controls as well since I don't entirely trust myself with the pedals these days (my ankles sort of roll a little rather than my foot staying square to the pedals if that makes sense - it bothers me on short drives so long ones are probably going to be worse)

We're off to Yorkshire for Christmas this year and for once not doing the Wales part as Aunty Kathy is going away to a swanky hotel with her friend to have a nice chilled one which I'm sure she will enjoy. Just need to sort out our timings / shopping / gifts and a dozen other things - but I have sorted out the dog park for the pups so I'm not a complete failure 😊

Winter is coming here in (not so) sunny Berkshire. The heating is on, the winter menus are being prepared - the comforting winter stews, casseroles and loaded Mac N Cheese. 

Life is good. Hope you're doing well, talk again soon



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