Tuesday 20 October 2020

Finally back online properly

 Well I managed to get the filming thing working on the new MAC so here goes a mini movie update.

A bit subdued what with everything that's going on and not going on and as I've just noticed on watching it back my eczema seems to be playing up again on my face as a result so I look a bit dry and crunchy.

Monday 19 October 2020

Don't break your bones it's not a fun sport

It's now over 7 weeks since my 'wrist/hand incident'

I've used the BUPA insurance and seen an orthopaedic surgeon and had the long awaited MRI and the news was not good.

The X-Rays and CT scan were right none of the bones in my hand or wrist had 'snapped' however 2 of them have for want of a better way to describe it 'shattered inside' like a broken egg yolk inside an unbroken shell.

There isn't anything that can be done for it, just time and resting it - and when I say time he's warned me it could take up to 6 months for this to resolve itself. My response to that in one word is FUCK :o(

The thought of no real independence for that long horrifies me.

In better news I'm working my way towards 1 1/2 stone of weight loss ... 21lb's if you're that way inclined or 9.5kg if you're of the other persuasion. Feeling rather proud of myself for that and it can all only help things get better :o)

Life as usual remains very 'beige' nothing new or exciting just more of the same every day.

It's becoming really obvious with Covid still being so prevalent that come Ocrevus time at the end of November and start of December that Christmas this year is going to be a 'home alone' affair for us. Aunty Kathy isn't comfortable with travelling and a packed houseful at Gareths parents for me with a seriously compromised immune system in a high risk area really isn't feasible. Gareth will pop up there for a few days but I'm going to need to stay home possibly 'shielding'

Kinda sucky all things considered but it does open up the possibility of BBQ'ing on Christmas Day some Rib of Beef, a nice chicken and some ham with the usual sides all done with the BBQ - assuming its not throwing it down of course in which case I'm going to have to dust off the range and use the oven for the first  time in a long while :o)

It's also been a very expensive week for me. My MAC (well Gareth's old MAC that I've claimed for the last 3 years) finally gave up and died at the ripe old age of 10 years old. Since neither Gareth or I have any ability to gauge the size of anything, I ended up buying the enormous expensive one as a replacement - and I'm not complaining about that at all it's so shiny and pretty and mahoosive :-) if it lasts as long as it's predecessor then it's a wise investment even if it was a bit of an ouch at the weekend.

I presume the problem I was having doing new video's for the YouTube thing was a result of it's impending demise so once I've put a brush through my hair and look less like grizzly Adams I'll do another one. My hair is so very long now compared to the short haired biker girl look I had at the start of the lockdown. It's not pink or silver or electric lilac now just boring blond - I might do something about that. I'll have to find a new hairdresser too as my local salon didn't make it through Covid and has closed down - such a sad thing to happen.

I hope you're doing well, not going too mad in these very strange times and taking care of you and yours.

Stay well

Much love



Thursday 8 October 2020

Oh dear I'm getting worse not better at this

 Why so quiet ...

Well the broken and dislocated toe healed fine, sadly the broken hand / wrist hasn't 

It's still swollen, in a lot of pain and I have no grip - seriously even holding a full cup of coffee is really painful and likely to result in burns.

I've played the BUPA card with the work policy and this week so far I've seen an orthopaedic surgeon who specialises in hand and wrist injuries. Today I've had an MRI

In the intervening time since the injury, I've had more x-rays and a CT scan - looks like theres soft tissue damage (ligaments and stuff) and possibly theres bones that are shattered 'inside' while the outside remains  in tact ... he described it as an 'unbroken egg but the yolk inside is broken' .... really not liking the sound of that.

Apart from that my life has been even more dull and boring than ever, I've left the house once in the last few weeks to pick up a new painting we'd bought and been to the hospital a couple of times and that's it ... no friends, no family, no shopping, not a damn thing.

The right hand injury has completely knackered my ability to do most things. My left hand hasn't been right for years (pun intended) I have no sensation apart from the buzzing that never stops between the two it's made everything so much more difficult that ever. I can't sit and type for too long, holding a phone / iPad and angling my hands hurts too much 

I can't get Bob in or out of the car so I can't go anywhere without Gareth along with me as 'muscle' so I'm effectively trapped at home unless I'm popping to the local Budgens in the car which is small enough I can toddle around it

Honestly though it's just so debilitating and demoralising to have my world shrink to so very small. My head hasn't even really been in a place to deal with the problem (lets face it under any other circumstances I'd have called in the private healthcare weeks ago) I think isolation is finally starting to get to me and instead of reaching out - posting more, recording my silly video's and talking up a storm on FaceTime I feel like I've retreated further into my shell than tried to escape from it.

Okay this is all rather dark isn't it - I'm sorry

Normal services will now be resumed.

It's being fixed the lovely Charles (the orthopaedic god) will be in touch tomorrow to tell me how this can be fixed and I'll be bench pressing Bob by the end of the month (okay that might be a tad optimistic)

I have my Ocrevus dates now, 27/11 and 11/12 (that's proper date format - day/month) so it's going to be a suppressed immune Christmas for me. With Covid on the rise again it's going to be very difficult to spend time up north - it's currently  high risk area with local lockdowns - need to start making some logistical plans for how to manage that really

In other news I'm trying to deal with being overweight again - in my last few weeks of misery I've lost 15lb's - a stone and a smidge - 6.8kg's (depending on your preference for display purposes)

The fight against the flab is in full swing because lets face it all this shit can only be better if I'm not always carrying the weight of my bloody wheelchair with me in everything I do.

I'll do another video soon I promise (I have a massive spot on my left cheek right now - I mean 48 with a spot ... WTF surely that's supposed to be just teenagers right ? )

I hope you're well, taking care and I'm sorry for disappearing for a while

Hey J-Wildy - thanks for the kick up the arse mate - I needed that xxx 

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