Thursday 13 July 2017

1 year 8 weeks post round 2

1 year 8 weeks post round 2 – This is all going to read as a little fractured, simply because it’s been written in bits over the last 4 days …. 

Written on Monday 10th

Last week was a whirlwind of BBQ’s a visit from the outlaws (in-laws) and the first annual trip to the Pot Kiln in Yattendon for proper kiln fired pizza.

There were FAR too many late nights, my wine consumption exceeded what it should be. All things considered it was really fortunate that I managed to get my weekly oxygen therapy session in because had I not done so I suspect I’d have been pretty much flat on my back right now.

Pizza Sunday with Mr and Mrs Chappers was lovely, although because we’d taken the dogs with us it had its ‘challenges’ shall we say :-) For the first time Pizza Sunday history we did NOT discuss the plans for the impending Zombie apocalypse and our roles. Nor did we discuss politics or anything contentious … we just enjoyed the company and had a laugh. It’s just the practice run for the big Pizza Sunday when all the others are also available and not playing County Pool games.

Written on Tuesday 11th

Miracle of miracles, by the end of today our stairs at home should finally be finished. The 1-day job to lay the Amtico has been randomly split into 3 days in 2-3.5 hour chunks as a result of piss poor planning by the flooring company (the chap doing the flooring is lovely and bless him the convenience of thrashing the closest object means that the customers take their frustration out on him – not me – but some of the other customers – I just ring the office and use words like incompetent and business feedback with the schedule planner)

Written in the morning Wednesday 12th

So the stairs are still an ongoing thing, today is the last day and then they will be beautiful, safe and future proofed.

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