Tuesday 4 July 2017

1year 7 weeks post round 2 – when shapewear goes wrong – kinda

Well it’s that time of year when having failed to miraculously lose a couple of stone without actually applying myself properly to the challenge that I invest in ‘shapewear’ to squish everything straight so the lumpy bumpy bits aren’t quite so obvious. To be fair the long vest tops I’ve invested in are awesome, muffin top squished ruthlessly into place and the squidgy belly has the same treatment. I don’t even feel too ‘compressed’ and it’s light and breathable. But they’re vest tops – I look like I’m going to the gym or for a run – which I absolutely am not doing under any circumstances. This necessitates the wearing of things like lacy tops over the squish wear to make it a little more socially acceptable in the office.

Could be worst though – at least they’re comfortable and pretty colours.

I had a lovely session with the lovely Margaret last Friday, we talked about how MS free life is these days and how the blog is going – have I mentioned that there have been over 100,000 views of this worldwide since I started it??? EEEK thank you all for reading and sharing, I hope that it’s helped / helping with your choices and treatment or just makes you feel sane in this strange world of MS symptoms that your life is far more normal than this middle aged mad woman.

The dogs have had a lovely week with lots of shared walkies with Kirsty’s dog Jake and next door’s do Rocky. They also how have the run of the house while we are out, the lounge is no longer out of bounds during the daytime and Winston seems far happier to let us leave without having a neurotic meltdown. I’ve also invested in the doggie equivalent of ‘Calms’ to see if that would help but it’s a little early to say if they’re working …. They’re not ones that make them drowsy and so far they’ve not become zombie dogs so I’ll let you know how that goes.

I’m feeling awesome MS wise (what MS) and thoroughly enjoying life – long may it continue, thank you Lemtrada

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