Tuesday 27 June 2017

1Y & 6 Wks post R2 - Sunshine, BBQ's and my Super Powered Big Toe

Well it’s 6 weeks into year 3 and Britain has been having what by British weather standards is a heatwave. We’ve reached the lofty heights if 34 degrees celecius which is unheard of in the middle of summer let alone late spring

There’s nothing British people love more than a really big moan about the weather being too hot / too cold / too unreliable / badly timed etc – preferably over a nice cup of tea and a biscuit :-)

Personally I’m loving the heat (despite being ginger) – I suspect that I might be part lizard because I really do love the heat (very strange for a person with MS to say that I know) I have even built on the pitiful attempt at a tan that I got in Portugal and have not returned to my natural pale and spiteful state (apart from the bit of my legs between my knees and ankles which remains frighteningly white)

Toe update – I’ve had about a bazillion Arnica tablets this week with extra Tumeric supplements and to be honest it looks like a toe again instead of a big nasty purple lumpy mess. It’s still quite ‘tender’ to the touch and I’m walking a little gimpy but I’m  ready to declare the break healed as I I was able to wear shoes again on Saturday morning – So big toe now wins the fastest healing bone competition with 8 days.

Gareth and I have now not used the oven at home for 5 days thanks to the beautiful weather – the BBQ has been in daily use with a variety of lovely dishes with epic salads to accompany them. We’ve had piri piri chiecken, greek lamb, steaks which were all lovely and one rather dodgy shop bought burger which mostly went into the dogs (who didn’t seem to mind it so much)

So this last week with the Norovirus / broken toe situation has also been what I refer to as ‘Hell Week’ it starts on the Sunday with Fathers Day, is swiftly followed y what would have been my Mum’s birthday and then rounds out with the anniversary of Ian’s funeral. Just on the off chance I was unaware of the timing, Facebook reminds me of each of these things in turn. It’s been okay this year – not ‘all right’ because it’s never going to be that, but on the sliding scale of how I’ve been for the last few years, it’s been okay. I miss them all something fierce and it hurts my heart, but I’m not falling apart this year so that’s okay.

I’ve got my bi-annual appointment with the lovely Margaret – my MS nurse on Friday for my ‘so how’s life without all that MS nonsense bothering you’ review. My only moan will be that despite everyone’s best efforts getting me onto an annual smear schedule still seems to be somewhat more difficult to achieve than organising world peace.

I had a quick chat with Margaret regarding the freaky blood results, we’re neither of us concerned and just waiting for next months bloods to see what is the state of play whilst celebrating the thyroid behaving itself again (I miss asparagus, cabbage, green beans and broccolini SOOOO much but they’re the common denominator in funky thyroid behaviour so they’re consigned to the back seat in very small quantities).

We have training this weekend for the volunteering that we do and some friends of Gareth’s coming for dinner (another BBQ methinks) then I’m probably going to duck out on the Work BBQ thing in Sunday for Gareth’s company, it’s too far away and too long to leave the dogs alone (plus Gareth is staying the night in Bath as he has a meeting first thing on Monday morning).

So all quiet on the MS front, and just he way I like it. I’m actually looking forward to the next month’s bloods (wishing the time away to get to them – yup I’m weird) but I’m really interested to see what happens to the lymphocytes – will they slowly start rebuilding (I hope so ….. life with a serious shortage of thie little buggers has been so much simpler) or will they rematerialise (like the TARDIS)  back to their previous levels – BOOO) :-(

My world as always remains very strange but very lovely xxx

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