Monday 5 June 2017

Y3Wk3 - Back home and Month 12 bloods from R2

Apologies for not posting last week, getting home and back to 'real life' after holibobs was pretty frantic and mixed up with the added anniversary of losing my brother and the memorial service in Knowle to lay his ashes to rest.

So what's been happening .... well I got home from my holiday at 05:45 in the morning on the 26th with my appointment to have my bloods done at 09:30am ..... that made for an interesting if exhausted experience. The M23 and the M3 were both closed coming back from Gatwick so being tired and following diversions through unknown routes in the dark wasn't fun.

We went up to Knowle in Sunday for the memorial and internment of my brothers’ ashes. A long and emotional day, it was good to see so many people who had cared about Ian again. We were supposed to go to Loch Fyne for lunch after the service, but the thought of going to a fish restaurant after had my stomach rolling around so we just came home to the dogs and then I took a long nap on the sofa.

Tuesday of course was the anniversary of losing Ian and I’d previously booked the day off, but the thought of spending all day clock watching and reliving that day at home alone suddenly seemed like a really dumb idea so I went into work anyway just to get away from myself.

The rest of the week was more relaxed, I managed to get in an oxygen treatment over the weekend that made me feel far more human again.

So my month 12 blood results …. Here they are (I couldn’t squeeze out a pee sample on 3 hours sleep that Friday morning – I did one later and meant to drop it into the surgery, but I forgot and it’s still in the baggie in the hall on the table – must get rid of that when I get home tonight - EEEK)

We have the carpenter coming at 19:30 this evening to measure and sort out the order of materials to fix the stairs, I may have all the neighbours baying for my blood later as I might be locking the whole road for an hour tomorrow with a big tarmac truck and having the pot holes filled ….

Life in my world continues to race past at breakneck speed in a completely random and illogical manner.

Anyway – those blood results ……new doctors, a few missing and clearly fighting something with some of this months results but then I knew that anyway. But good news (kind of …. ) Lymphocytes are finally back in the ‘normal’ range …. Unfortunately I suspect this is because the little darlings have been breeding like crazy to fight whatever bug I have and will have all suicided themselves by the same time next month

Sadly once again the thyroid is being a lazy slob so I'm going to be ultra good and avoid broccoli and cabbage again for a few weeks and just take care of myself and see if that helps right itself again.

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