Monday 16 January 2017

R2 - Wk35 - Excertion and 'The Great British Blizzard'

Here we are back at week 44 for the second time. The potential hypo-thyroid thing has me now having a valid reason to not eat broccoli (YAY) cauliflower and cabbage (boo) and to be honest I am still me. I’ll have more bloods done towards the end of the month and see what’s happening but life continues as normal.

I spent the weekend helping a friend get her house ready to go on the market later this week. 7 ½ hours on both Saturday and Sunday painting, plastering, cleaning and moving furniture around. I knew I was doing it in advance so I could plan the extra sleep and plan for feeling pretty busted afterwards – and busted I am LOL …. I feel like most of my body has been beaten with a big stick but I’m not having pseudo symptoms so that’s a real bonus. In the past I would have had returned numbness and balance problems with this much exertion, but this time well I guess this is just how non MS people feel after doing a lot of hard work for a couple of days when it’s not part of their usual routine so that is a REALLY big bonus for me.

The diet is a bit swirly after Saturday night. Thinking back I remember talk of a Zombie themed dinner party with ‘body parts’ as the menu theme, but Gareth and I clearly forgot this as we had dinner before going over there and as a result had 2 dinners on Saturday night and the second one was laden with Syns that Slimming World definitely would not approve of – but damn it was good – the brain shaped White Chocolate and Espresso truffles were a masterpiece and something we are going to have to work hard to match up to next time we have Mr and Mrs C over for dinner.

Work has been – well – work like not exciting or dull just more of the same this last week.

Oh and we had SNOW – well what passes for snow here in the UK. 5 days of the TV and radio predicting ‘end of days’ type weather, with people panic shopping for the essentials and planning for not being able to leave the house for a week. In reality we had heavy snow that didn’t stick because it had been raining for days beforehand and it simply wasn’t cold enough. Within an hour of it stopping everything had stuck on cars or lawns had melted and ‘The Great Blizzard’ was over, the only evidence it had even been there was the lack of bread, milk and Pringles in the shops and supermarkets LOL

This week I’m planning to do a whole lot of nothing when I’m not working, long soaks in the bath to sooth the achy bits and early nights. Hopefully slimming world tonight will yield some positive results despite the Saturday night faux pas with dinner and I’ll beat Gareth in the weight loss statistics.

Much love and warm thoughts for you all (especially those with ‘real’ snow) xxxx

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