Tuesday 3 January 2017

Week 33 Round 2 - Well that's it for another year

Apologies I seem to be making a habit of this posting once a fortnight nonsense right now - I'll try to be better I promise.

I went for my blood letting as planned before Christmas - Carol the 'One Stab Wonder' was driving the pointy thing for the day and I was very much thinking it would be a 'stab and run' excercise.


6 holes later and all that had been harvested was half a thimbleful of blood which pretty much had to be dragged out of me. Carol wouldn't put any more holes in me as I already had 2 in each of the favoured spots for 'harvesting'

With Christmas and the planned travelling this means that my rescheduled tests can't happen until January 4th. Not ideal but I can work with that I guess.

We travelled up north earlier than planned as we had Alan's funeral on Chesterfield on the 23rd. It was emotional and went as well as these things can I guess. A fitting send off for a man who had done so much and was so much to so many people with a very well behaved wake afterwards. We would have liked to stay longer, but with the dogs in the car it wasn't really an option.

Christmas was lovely at the Inlaws house, we got to see all the family eat too much food, and enjoy a few drinks. The dogs were well behaved and despite a couple of minor blips as a result of health issues (not mine) and it being once again poignient that there was another seat that had been occupied last year that was not occupied at this years Christmas table.

On the 27th we travelled from Halifax to Deepest Darkest North Wales for a few days with Aunty Kathy. More rest and relaxation along with long dog walks up the back of the mountain. Rib of Beef, fillet steaks and lots of lovely yummieness as well as a good chance to catch up.

Finally on the 30th we began the long journey home to Berkshire. 4.5 hours on the road but fortunately no real delays. We made it home in time to have the dogs at K9 for walkies with Winston bless him completely off lead for the first time in a week (the long line he has to wear in a public place isn't held but he is dragging 10m of rope along behind him which certainly hampers his ability to bolt.

MS wise it's been pretty quiet over the holidays, I've stayed up too late, missed some sleep and climbed a mountain a few times, but I've been pretty restrained on the booze front as a result of the pain killers I'm taking for the arm / shoulder injury (Did I mention that before christmas I'd slipped on the stairs again and managed once again to damage my shoulder - left one - same as the elbow break / not broken arm). I've had my shakey moments, when overly tired as usual my balance all goes to cock but life remains normal thanks to Uncle Lemmie and that's something I really do cherish.

New year phone call to Michael about changing the wibbly wobbly 150 year old stair case me thinks !!!!

As you can tell from me finally being back online and posting an update - yep I'm back at work this morning (BOO HISS I'd hoped to win the lottery over the holidays but it didn't happen)

Other news from my world ....
  • it's been over 36 hours since I had a cigarette
  • January is a 'dry' month for Gareth and I so no booze
  • Together we signed up at slimming world last night
So I'll apologise in advance if I'm a horrible moody bitch for a while, but new year requires some effort on my part to deal with the shambolic state of my once more enormous arse and thighs which can only be helped hugely by being sober and not puffing on the cancer sticks :-)

Happy New Year ladies and gentlemen. I hope 2017 is kind to you all xxxx

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