Tuesday 20 December 2016

Week 30 & 31 post round 2 - Damn but I wish I'd just snapped my arm

Soft tissue injuries are a serious pain in the ..... well the arm as it happens.
I've now had 2 visits with the Physio team again and a lot of excercises to work my way through each day. The pain has dialled back a little, but it feels like tooth ache deep in my arm (you know that bone deep hurt that just doesn't ease up, can't be made more comfortable and just makes you want to chop the offending appendage off with a blunt rusty spoon) I'm sure if it had just broken properly then it would be much better now)

Sorry for no post last week, but once again we've had some heart breaking news. Karen's Dad passed away last Monday. He'd been living with that awful bloody shitbeast Dementia for the last 8 years and he had other medical problems as well on top of it. The sorrow of him and relief that at last he's at rest once again are uncomfortable bedfellows.

The funeral is this Friday up in Chesterfield so we will be heading up north a day early for our Christmas with Gareth's family in order to see Alan off and to be there for Karen and her Mum.

In the month of spiralling Vetrinarian bills, after the monster £710 Beagle 'lumpectomy' Bill earlier this month, tomorrow will bring another one this time for BamBam the 14 year old cat who has a partially falling out tooth that needs extracting (shudders at thinking about how much that will be)

Gareth's Christmas present is sorted, and some of the others are in hand. We might have actually cracked it with a few days to spare this year - except I've bought no wrapping stuff yet so unless I crack on with that people may be getting things in the various courier wrappings and plastic bags which isn't really how these things are supposed to be done.

I realised this morning that for the first time since I started Lemtrada that I'd actually forgotten to book my monthly blood tests (in fact I'm a few days overdue for them) - EEEK - completely and utterly unlike me to forget that as I'm usually chopping at the bit to find out the scores on the doors. All sorted now though I've got an appointment tomorrow at 12:10 for the ritual blood letting.

Those things aside, life is relatively uneventful and quiet. The MS remains a little shadow in the background, a 'Label' rather than an active condition. I've been a little more tired than normal but I'm putting that down to stress / bereavement and the pain medication for the arm rather than anything sinister. It could also have something to do with me barely having any wine for the last 3 weeks (again pain meds) and there's probably far more blood floating around in my alcohol system than my body is used to.

Hopefully my blood results will come back before Christmas so I can share them with you all, but to be honest I'm not betting the bank on that.

So to you all my best wishes for Christmas and the holidays (whichever you celebrate) have a great time with your friends and families. I hope the time is special and full of love for you all and please don't forget to tell those you love how special they are to you.

So to everyone reading.....

Love you loads xxxxx

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