Monday, 9 January 2017

R2 Week 34 Month 7 blood results Thyroid Red Flag

Mmmm ...

Well that isn't part of the plan.

It would appear that this month my TSH count has exceeded the top acceptable level which in laymen’s terms means the Thyroid Stimulating Hormone is instructing my thyroid to make more Thyroid Serum because it's not producing enough ..... boo potential Hypo Thyroid might be in my future.
I'm not going to get concerned about it, but the constant monitoring of my own bloods rather than just relying on someone else to do it gives me a level of comfort that since it's me that it's so very important to someone who cares is paying attention. There could be a number of factors in play that have resulted in this scenario. The new diet, the cutting right down on cigarettes, the lack of wine, the driving and Christmas stresses - really it could be anything.
Worst case it means popping a pill a day going forwards to manage the thyroid - I know this would freak the hell out of a lot of people, but I'd rather than my MS playing silly buggers again any time soon so if it is then that's just what it is and it's okay (annoying but okay).
The week has been positive. Dry January is still on track for me (although my lightweight husband had a large Scotch as a nightcap last night so I will LALALALALA - yes I really am that childish that when he said he'd wait for me to break before he did my brains response was CHALLENGE ACCEPTED - from then on I couldn't lose)
The weekend was quiet and relaxing lots of lovely oxygen therapy on Saturday with Danny and I in the tank watching the football live on Sky Sports, a little grocery shopping, dog walking and just generally chilling out.
The lovely Dr C has already responded to my update about the TSH levels saying more close monitoring (my TSH is already checked every month rather than the prescribed 3 months so stay the same I guess - checking with Margaret)
So Slimming World tonight, after dog walking, first week weigh in and it looks like I'm on target for a decent weight loss. Mr Lightweight looks like he's already charging ahead of me in the weight loss numbers despite the Scotch because he's a 'Boy' and 'Boy's lose weight faster than Girls do) - if he's smug about it then he might be getting food secretly laced with butter going forwards!!!! (because I'm not just childish I'm vindictive too)
Ohhh and before I forget the Lymphocytes - those ones we track so very carefully each month .... still bobbing around the same place they've been for three months now - okay little lymphocytes .... you just sit there quietly, don't give me any problems and don't remember your previous bad behaviours.

So here they are .......


  1. Thanks for the blog. Very good reading ! I did wonder how you go about getting oxygen therapy ? Is it refered from the gp? And what does it do for ms? Cheers!

    1. Apologies I didn't notice the comment before now.
      No referal from the GP, it's through the MS Therapy Centres and it's paid for by donation to the Charity. Like MS it's different for everyone, but for me it clears my head, helps with gerneral middle aged aches and pains and super oxygenated red blood cells are super healing


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