Tuesday 30 March 2021

Is that a light I see at the end of the tunnel

 It's now officially been over a year since the Covid lockdowns started 

  • More than a year since we saw family in person. 
  • More than a year since we saw friends in person.
  • More than a year since I went into work and saw colleagues in person
We've had single short respite where we got out a couple of times for Covid safe meals (about July and August last year) 

A trip through the Costa Drive Thru is now classed as a treat and a 'trip out' where we interact with a human who doesn't live in our home.

Costco and Wellington Farm shop are the only places I've set foot in for more than 6 months

I've had both parts of my Covid Vaccine now so I'm cooking up some lovely antibodies to protect me against the virus.

The Easter weekend is coming 4 days off (for Gareth it's 5 because the company he works for gave everyone April fools day off too)

In May we have a week in Watchet (last years week replanned)

May 27th I have my next round of Ocrevus 

On top of all that allegedly life here in the UK is planning to start returning to what it was before all this got weird and awful.

Being able to see friends and family in person will be amazing and so very emotional

I'm looking forward to getting something done with my hair - it needs some serious trimming and shaping because I'm starting to look a little feral now 😂

Just sitting in a pub or restaurant and eating something cooked by someone else.

By this time next year hopefully this will be something we can look back at and be grateful to have come out the other side

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