Thursday 21 May 2015

Day 4 Treatment Log

No head pain today. Brief appearance of Lemtrada rash yesterday on my arms which I treated by using Solarcaine which took the itch down in a out 45 seconds and the Aloe Vera did the rest making it disappear. I can see the rash trying to come back but I am reapplying to my whole body regularly. Had a couple of big patches appear this morning on by ass checks but that's gone now thank goodness so no inappropriate scratching :-)

No IV Lemtrada or anti-histamine yet so will start adding those shortly I hope

Happy day 4  - I am feeling great :-)
10:55 - IV Anti-histamine done ... I'll expecting a pensioners nap again this afternoon - that stuff really does the whammy on me

11am - Lemtrada started :-) bye bye another 20% of my defective immune system :-)
12:20 - just a quick WOOHOO about my blood pressure - holding steady between 140 and 150 over 80 ...... go blood pressure :-)
14:20 - 39 minutes left to go, blood pressure doing great, no headache to speak of no more rash either. Can't wait to get up and go for a wander around
18:00 - may the fleas of a thousand camels infest you. Lem rash everywhere. And I do mean everywhere. I could happily have clawed every inch of skin off my body despite the calming of the solarcaine. An extra shot of IV Anit-histamine and it was a miracle RELIEF was almost instant. Needless to say I slept like a baby all night and now feeling great all ready for day 5 immune system nearly squished

Good luck everyone xxxx


  1. Sounds like it is going well for you Tracy, keep up the good work and keep applying the cream. I was prescribed piriton for a week after treatment too, but didn't need them anyway.
    Did you manage to finish your wine? I hope so

  2. I have to say that in a very uncharachteristic moment of cowardice I actually didn't have the rest of the wine last night :-O
    Still feeling great, I've got this thing aced :-)


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