Wednesday 20 May 2015

Day 3 Treatment log

I have been told off by the MS nurse this morning who's doing my Lemtrada because I had 2 glasses of white wine last night ... BAD TRACY - I'm feeling thoroughly chastised but not repentent if I'm honest - the other half of the bottle is in my cupboard and I haven't 'fessed up to that. My good friend JoJo is visiting later with a large stash of Mini Chedders - I'm craving salty things like mad - probably the steroids.

10:00 - Steroid drip (later this morning as they wanted a urine sample before they started - probably to check I wasn't over the limit)
11:00 - Anti-histhamine - not IV this time but it was benadryl so I'm expecting to have a pensioners nap later :-)
11:36 - Lemtrada 3 plumbed in here we go - 4 hours of the good stuff then anoher 30 minutes of th eline being flushed
15:45 - I've asked for some more paracetamol as the head spike is returning, apart from thsat it's a pretty uneventful infusion.27 minutes remaining on thi one and the anti-histhamine hasn't sent me to sleep yet :-)
15:36 - 3rd lot of Lemtrada done and flushing the lines with saline again for 30 minutes
18:00 - I lave Lem-rash .... Never thought I would feel excited to see an ugly itchy rash on my arm but I am. Applied Solarcaine and the itch was gone in about 45 seconds :-) it's still ugly but not itchy :-)

As usual I can report no symptoms or side effects other than the head spike at this time and Paracetamol is keeping that nicely under control.

Immune System will be 60% squished after this .... that means I'm officially on the winning team

Will update this as the day progresses

Happy hump day everyone, hope you have a great day xxx


  1. I had my first blood and urine test today, with my ms nurse, I asked about booze for you, and she said it shouldn't be a problem, so I say finish the bottle tonight Tracy and don't tell the evil nurse. Hope day 3 goes ok for you and if you start getting the rash, it's not too bad.

  2. Worrying that I had to tell this nurse to cover the infusion, that I needed Anti-H and she tells me the Ob's aren't really necessary as they did a 200 person trial in Plymouth with no Ob's .... Oh REAAALLLLYYYY


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