Monday 11 May 2015

Infustion week preparation list

To summarise the advice and recommendations of people who have received or are currently receiving Lemtrada the essentials list is as follows :

  • Water - 3 / 4 litres of it a day - this should be started at least a week beforehand to allow your body to get over the shock of having that much (non alcoholic) liquid put into it in a short space of time
  • Choices of drinks - lots of water based drinks (No Tea and Coffee don't count) Try mineral water with some lemon or lime juice and a little low calorie sweetener in it of sugar free squash - some Lemmies have reported changes to taste buds during treatment (again can be Lem or Steroid related) where things that they usually would love are horrible so make sure you have a choice.
  • Mints or Boiled sweets - the steroids and / or Lemtrada can leave a horrible taste in your mouth during and after treatment so get a selection of things to keep this at bay (as per above take a selection in case you're off your favourite treat for a little while)
  • Anti-histamines - just have them handy in event of experiencing the Lem-Rash - obviously don't start munching them without telling the medical team in case they give you some too
  • Paracetamol - Lots of people report head aches during the treatment so be prepared, expect it and make sure that your medical team either provide it or make a note that you've had it.
  • EURAX Cream - to help if the Lem-Rash does appear, lots of positive comments from people who have used it and it's positive effects on the rash
Hope this helps :-) xxx

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