Thursday 28 May 2015

Another day of feeling good

I'm still needing to take a dose of anti-histamines each day or the itchies come back in my hands but so far post Lemtrada remains completely uneventful and as I had hoped it would be. Other May 18th Lemmies are reporting fatigue, and some of the May 11th Lemmies are reporting some hair loss being experienced - I'm not overly concerned about that to be honest, I have masses of hair and I've always shed like a moulting hound and if my head looks like a boiled egg or a Mr Potato Head with glasses on so be it - not stopping MS dead in it's tracks scared me far more than anything like this.

Looking forward to going back to work next week, as much as I love the dogs dearly, their conversational skills frankly suck and their Coffee making skills are even worse, and Amber-Dog snores so loudly on the sofa next to me that everyone keeps asking have I nodded off on conference calls :-)

I'm comfortable with my own company, but would like a little more variety :-)

My husband as always is incredibly supportive and a complete rock .......... ROCK I said .... ROCK !!!! :-) It probably helps that he openly acknowledges that I'm as mad as a box of hot frogs and that's not a bad thing (mostly)

4 viewings in the space of an hour on our house tonight .... YIKES ..... this looks like it's actually going to happen for real :-)

Love and hugs (to the non germy amongst you) xxx

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