Friday, 22 May 2015

Day 5 treatment log - the end is nigh

All ready for today, here's hoping they can start early and get me out of here at a decent time.

Still feeling great thanks to last nights extra shot of anti histamines updates to follow, good luck everyone xxxx

10:17 - BOO :-( - no new canular put in yet, treatment not started :-( ..... it's gonna be a long one
10:30 - replacement canular went in but the vein bulged ..... The world went grey and swirly and I got a raging case of the sweats ..... Drinking water and trying again shortly xx
11:10 - no restart yet :-(
11:35 - cannula in 3rd time lucky
11:40: - all plumbed in IV Anti-histamine done, Lemtrada no5 coming down the pipe. time to finish his bad boy off :-)
15:40 - AND I'M DONE !!!!! 5 lots of Lemtrada completed !!!! Flush me quick !!!!

I think I'm going to get a T-Shirt printed up for this ....

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