Sunday 17 May 2015

Check in at 'Hotel southampton' in the morning

It's so close now, I am all packed apart from my toothbrush (chances of me forgetting that in the morning are very high)

My IT kit is all sorted, they're going to think I've robbed a PC World when I pitch up with 2 iPhones, 2 iPads and my laptop. I've downloaded series 2 of game of thrones to keep me amused, I've got half a dozen new books on my iPad kindle app and of course 3 of those Apple devices all have 4 versions of candy crush saga at various levels on so that will kill plenty of hours.

Right now my butterflies seem to be doing the conga energetically but it's not about the treatment it's more worry that when I call at 08:00 they'll tell me the bed isn't available and after all this time it will be back to the waiting game. Gareth says I'm worrying unnecessarily but I can't help it, too many people have had just that happen on admission day.

We have had a lovely day, a bit of shopping and then Pizza Sunday at The Pot Kiln in Yattendon with very dear friends of ours. Strangely conversation went along the 'so what would we all do in our post zombie apocalypse world' I'm okay with blood and guts so I get to patch people up with a side line of being 'the brewer' ensuring that we still have wine and beer in the post apocalyptic world - probably the best use of my skills as I'm definitely built for comfort not speed so running round saving people and defeating zombie hoards is probably just a little out of my skill set.

I'm sitting here flapping a bit wondering what I've forgotten, I keep going through my mental lists and everything is there, it's all done - allegedly.

I haven't updated my James Bond updates from last weeks Lemmies yet, I will do that tomorrow at some point, D and G both finished on time, H had some problems on day 5 and has had to stay in over the weekend hopefully it will all be finished up tomorrow and she will be home again.

Much love to all readers, hope Monday is a great day for us all xxx

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