Tuesday 26 May 2015

4 days later

Hi all, it's been a few days, I took some time to settle back into normal life, the long weekend, some gardening, some getting the house ready for sale and some R&R .... With wine of course.

I have not suffered any of the fatigue that others have reported post treatment, but then I did sleep well in hospital (MS Fatigue means I can sleep anywhere anytime at the drop of a hat) I'm taking all my vitamins and minerals again and posting from the oxygen chamber right now. I suspect that the feeling good is a side effect of 3 days of IV Steroids and is a temporary thing, in the past about a week after IV Steroids I've had what I call 'the steroid crash' where all of a sudden my energy drains, everything hurst and the fog is worse than ever, so some yummy yummy oxygen will hopefully mitigate that crash.

I've been walking and doing everything I normally would and it hasn't been noticeably easier or harder and plays the glad game,no worse works perfectly for me.

I'm working from home today and the rest of this week then back into the office next Monday to my 'plague free room' I'm sure the novelty of waving at people through glass won't last long but it's for my own good, and Alan and Dave my two desk neighbours are always full of colds .... The joys of having kids :-)

Life without an immune system is as life was with one, but I'm very wary of anyone who looks sick, coughs, sneezes or clears their throat :-)

More updates to follow, especially after this oxygen chamber as I hope to leave here feeling epic and revitalised

Love and air kisses to you all but no hugs you Germy people xxxx

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