Monday 11 May 2015

1 week to go

1 week to treatment - blimey that came around quick

I feel like I should be scared or nervous of next Monday, but to be honest despite a few badly behaved butterflies I'm feeling excited more than anything. I am so very ready to pick up my sword and do battle with this rubbish illness on my own terms.

Portugal was awesome and I'm hoping that we can repeat last week again next year before my second batch of treatment, perhaps this time with some friends joining us.

I hadn't had an oxygen treatment last week and by Saturday afternoon I was pretty flattened. I hadn't had the forethought to actually book some for when I got home before I left so this morning I had a call around and the nice people at the Swindon MS Therapy centre - -  had a seat for my on the 11:30 departure for Majorca at 33ft so a quick trip up the M4 and I'm already well on the way to feeling epic again.

I found a new article today with the retreatment and progression statistics for the Cambridge trial groups for Lemtrada and am very inspired by their results.

I'm optimistic for the future and having it on my own terms rather than at the dictate of the MonSter. I'm off for my last gas chamber before Lemtrada on Friday 33ft in the Oxford MS Therapy Centre - - for one last top up. I suppose I should start booking my post Lemtrada sessions now so that I don't have to trek up and down the M4 and A34 after treatment to get myself gassed.

The dogs and cats pretty much mugged us when we got home, they are definitely happy to have their peoples back again and be in their own home - I suspect I'll get the same reception at the end of next week when I come home minus my pesky immune system :-)

Happy Monday ladies and Gentlemen, have a great one xxx

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