Wednesday 29 April 2015

18 Days to Lemtrada - So I'm off to Portugal

18 days left ..... EEEEK where did those weeks go ?

I feel like there's so much more that I should have done in the run up to the treatment. The butterflies in my stomach seem to be getting more active every day, but I'm excited too, I just want to be in control of the MonSter rather than it being in control of me.

So as part of my preparation it's only right that I ensure I'm not Vitamin D deficient so my butterflies are coming to Portugal with my husband and I so I can get some sunshine, a bit of a tan (well weak tea colour then peel and go back to my natural state of pale and spiteful) - I have a feeling my suitcase might come under some scrutiny as it travels with the vast quantities of vitamins and minerals that will be in there ..... it's going to sound like a rattlesnake with the shakes as it's moved around :-)

We have a wonderful villa with a solar heated pool, Jacuzzi, pool table and beautiful views of the Portuguese countryside which is far too big for the two of us, but hey we don't have to clean it

It gives me 8 days to recover from the holiday before treatment but I think the rest, sunshine and quality time with the other half will do more for me physically and emotionally on the run up to treatment than all the vitamins and Oxygen Treatments in the world - we so need a break from reality even if it's only a week.

MS update - I have recurring 'spaghetti leg' every few days but I've learnt to notice when it starts happening so I've not tipped over and used my face to break my fall recently. The numbness in my body is no worse than usual and electro shock hand is the same. The brain fog, physical weakness, limb fatigue and aching all much improved while I'm feeling the benefits of Oxygen Therapy. I've now worked out each treatment lasts well for 4 days but day 5 they all come back, so I'm doing treatments 5 days apart so that on day 5 I can assess if there's any overall reduction before the next treatment.

Feeling really positive, I'm going to Portugal WOOOHOOOOOO


  1. Good luck! Check out Nuno with Lisbon Riders if you have some time for tours. I love portugal! - Jackie :)

    1. Thanks for the tip Jaclyn, I will add it to the list of potential things to do :-) xx


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