Sunday 19 April 2015

Sunburn, gardening and BBQ

 I have been full of energy since starting the oxygen therapy and with the sunshine blazing it seemed like a great day to get loads done, needless to say today I feel like someone beat me repeatedly with a baseball bat everything hurts ..... Even bits I didn't abuse in some way hurt - I really need to learn how to ration my energy

We had some ornamental stones which were down the sides of the patio in our back garden that our young dog has been playing catch with and trying to eat. We needed to be collect them up and transfer them to the front garden before Winston ended up at the vets with a small rockery being removed from his insides.

To make things easier, I sat down and handful by handful popped them into an empty planter and then let Gareth carry the heavy containers back and forth to the front. He also regularly brought me squash as the sitting thing was clearly hard work. By the time I was done, my backside had gone to sleep, my legs weren't too bad, my arms had turned into silly string and I had to rock myself backwards and forwards like an upside down insect to actually get up off the floor.

Gareth was in charge of mowing the lawn which proved to be a little harder than expected as Winston decided the lawn mower was evil and clearly a threat to life as we know it and he had to vanquish it at all costs by biting at the lawn mower and throwing himself at it. Not wanting that vet bill either I walked both dogs to the park for a chasing balls and run. in hindsight I should have sat down with a cup of coffee.

Football was next up, our nearest local team (well half decent one) Reading v Arsenal in the FA Cup semi final at Wembley, we hadn't been able to get tickets but it was on the television - score points on
 energy saving by watching from the sofa, unfortunately up against a Permier league team with a lot more money and a few players in their squad who individually cost more than our own team in total, Reading lost in extra time gutted, but they certainly didn't disgrace themselves in the process to well done URZ

Evening came and the BBQ was dusted off for the first outing of the year .... As usual it took a couple of attempts to actually get it going properly. I had prepared stuffed pork tenderloin, halloumi wrapped in bacon, some sausages and fancy bread with caramelised pineapple and chocolate and Malibu sauce to dunk it in - i started all that at 8am so that it was done in case I was short of energy later  so I am counting that as energy planning win for me

I read for a while after the BBQ but then like the narcoleptic I tend to be these days I slid down on the sofa, used Winstons hip as a pillow and drifted off to sleep ..... Dogs are really quite comfortable as pillows and our two are quite happy to have snuggles.  I know I woke up at 03:00 and decided to go sleep in the bed, Gareth was still saving the world as part of part of the Counterstike Global Offensive online 'thing' .... Big kids shoot stuff with a keyboard and mouse.

It's Gareth's birthday today, I was torn between telling him to get up so I can give him his presents and have a nice breakfast with him or letting him have a lie in because it's his birthday ..... Patience isn't one of my finer qualities so I took him a double espresso took him for lunch and now settles back on the sofa hoping that Newcastle United (my team) beat Tottenham Hotspur (his team) this afternoon.

I think I might just stay here for the rest of the day, snuggle my man and see how much of my Easter egg I can get through because I don't have the energy for much more.

28 days to go :-)

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