Thursday 16 April 2015

Credit where it's due

I wanted to ensure I gave credit to some of those who have done this previously and helped enormously in my choice of treatment for my MS

Emma's journal is here :
Glenn Scott who is hugely active on the Facebook Group : Lemtrada for MS Treatment at :
The UK and Ireland Facebook group managed by the wonderful Tina Mc Gonagle : Lemtrada, Alemtuzumab (Campath®) for the treatment of MS UK And Ireland at :

Stumbling in Flats .... brilliant, funny and just epic and it's being published as a book !!! :

David's story is a little different as he wasn't part of the trial program but also very informative here :

I'm also a very active member of ShiftMS, an inspirational online MS community of upbeat positive people who share experiences, symptoms and treatment experiences. We provide each other with information and support and I can not recommend them highly enough as an excellent place to talk to other people with MS

Off to the gas chamber in a moment ... or Decompression chamber as the MS Therapy Centre in Reading call it 24ft oxygen treatment today the one I did on Tuesday was 16.5ft and I came out feeling clear headed and full of energy - actually I still do feel that way after 48 hours, fingers crossed this one has the same effect or better.

Happy Thursday all xx

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