Monday 27 April 2015

Post weekend update

Friday was physiotherapy day with a lovely lady who I have to say has a curiously evil streak. In my not so knackered state I'm a bit of a rarity in that all but one of the Pilates exercises were  ones I was familiar and comfortable with. There were some 'sensitisation' tests which involved me being 'touched' with objects and materials. Some of the tests were ones I could work out what I was being touched with the others were just weird :-O I completely failed the can you pick up paperclips from a tub full of marbles test with my left hand but passed it with my right - to be expected really. I did a 3.2k ride on the vertical bike which I enjoyed but tired quickly on and 10 minutes on the rotational balance machine which showed the profound weakness in my left leg - again not a surprise.

I got the call on Saturday morning to say there was a spare seat in the 11:45 Decompression Chamber for my 2nd Oxygen therapy of the week. Rather glad that Friday night had been a quiet one and that I was up and not hungover. The Saturday crowd in the tank are all very familiar with each other, the conversation was flowing and I finally got to meet the man who had HSCT treatment a few weeks ago. He's doing really well and reported happily that his pubes are growing back :-) (as I said VERY familiar with each other in that tank :-)..)

I've felt great all weekend, the random falling asleep everywhere was much reduced and I've had really good energy levels and a clear head which has followed through to this morning, with the sun shining am my spirits on a high.

We have had a bit of a holiday FAIL in that we have a couple of places we are interested in booking with James Villa's one in Portugal and the other in Spain .... unfortunately leaving Saturday now looks like it won't be an option as it's a bank holiday weekend and we can't actually get the dogs into Kennels as they're fully booked :-( Plan B is to shift the holiday by a few days but it would mean flying closer to my treatment date which I'm not entirely comfortable with, or rent an RV, throw the dogs in it for a week and go down to the south coast with them and just bimble around.

Decisions decisions, I'm sure it will all work out in the end

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