Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Addicted to the gas chamber ?

It's been 5 days since my last 'gassing' and the fog in my head is still holding back but by heck does the rest of me know what hit it ..... big men with baseball bats. The fatigue is back in full force bringing with it the almost narcoleptic ability to simply fall asleep anywhere and at any time. Everything hurts as if I've done some extremely intense exercise - playing Rugby springs to mind (I remember the bumps and physical exertion and all over bruised feeling of that from when I was a child)

I'm sure this is just how I've felt naturally for a long time thanks to MS but it's quite a shock to look it directly in the eye and recognise it for what it is when it arrives in full force rather than the slow stealthy sneaking up on you unawares. I need to ration my energy correctly, this is a learning process, and with 26 days to go to Lemtrada I need to learn quickly and then adapt post treatment.

On a bright note Gareth has had annual leave approved for early May (I'm still waiting for mine to be approved) I would like to get a week away somewhere warm and just chill out before treatment starts, not entirely sure where we would go, perhaps somewhere in Europe rather than the USA or Asia where jetlag would probably do more harm than good.

More oxygen tomorrow 33ft this time, looking forward to feeling great again :-)

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