Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Week 50 - 15 days remaining until round 2

Well that's been an action packed Bank Holiday weekend.
I would say I've come back to work for a rest, but it's been manic here at work this morning so far too. So busy at the start of the month with the monthly reporting, catching up on emails and just generally running round like a scalded cat.
The trip up to Knowle went really well, despite my little car developing the old 'anti-pollution system faulty' thing again. it played up for most of the day which added some excitement and uncertainty to the whole affair.
The 'Oldies Football Match and disco' raised a lot of money for the military charity Help For Hero's. The Over 50's team beat the Over 40's team with calls of 'ringers' and 'plants' being put into their team. It was great to catch up with my Sister-In-Law and all our friends, I even got to catch up with a load of people I haven't seen since I left School 28 years ago. Far too much wine was consumed, I danced until my feet hurt to lots of classics from the 1980's.I wasn't brave enough to try all that in my heels and opted for the safety of flats for the evening do. All in all despite a few bruises and sore feet I held my own and didn't run out of energy - so take that MS
The pup's seemed to enjoy their overnight stay at the kennels although I don't know if she got to meet her dad. They also got to meet my 'acquired' Niece for the first time (actually it was Gareth's first time meeting her too which at the age of 9 is somewhat overdue)
We had an uneventful drive home and I went out to look at car's having decided that Little Car's time is pretty much done. I have spent the best part of a year looking at 4x4 / Crossover type cars because I like the driving position and the space and dithering over making a decision. I had decided that a brand new car was not an option and I needed to rein my expectations in a little. Then I saw the Ford Tourneo - it's an MPV - a Van which has been 'tricked out' as a car. It is shiny and brand new, has enough space for a dog crate to be permanently assembled in the boot. It has all the gadgets and gizmo's on my 'required toys' list with the exception of heated leather seats. So I booked a test drive for Monday lunch time thinking that if I like it I can get a 1/2 year old one for a bargain price.
We had a quiet night on Sunday to recover a little from all the activity then Monday dawned. I woke up at stupid o'clock I was so excited about the test drive. We took turns driving the car (van) and both loved the way the car (Van) handled and felt. By the time we got back to the dealer I'd already decided if I could get the payments to the terms I wanted it was mine - damned if they didn't manage it too. We collect my new (very large) baby on Saturday. OOOPSIE - BAD TRACY LOL
Monday evening brought what in Gareth's opinion was the most important football game of his lifetime. His beloved Tottenham Hotspur had to beat Chelsea in order to still be in with a chance of winning the Premier League. In reality Leicester have had it sewn up for weeks they were too far ahead and were never going to lose all their remaining games and give Spur's a chance but optimism in the face of overwhelming odds is something all sports fans feel. Spurs didn't win !!! Leicester won the title be default and I suspect all of Leicester has a very poorly head this morning. A magnificent achievement and one of the most interesting and exciting seasons in decades.
Despite a busy and active weekend, MS wise I'm feeling really great if a little battered and bruised in places but that's not MS, it's just partying too hard and not taking better care of myself.
15 days from now I should be nearing the end of Round 2 Day 1 I've still had nothing in writing from Southampton Hospital to confirm it, this is the only thing that's a big EEEK for me right now. I'm assuming all instructions are the same as round 1 and am preparing on that basis.
I'm not prearranging working from home this time, nor am I doing the whole 'quarantine chamber' thing I did last year. Everyone knows what's happening at work and remembers the drill from last year - stay away if you're not well. I'm going to hand out bottles of Anti-Bacterial gel to everyone in advance as a reminder, the plan this time is to carry on as normal.
Just one EEEK - come one Southampton, sort it out please.
Off home now to start cleaning out my car, it's a bit of a skip on wheels so it's probably going to take all week!

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