Friday 20 May 2016

Round 2 Day 3 - The vanquishing of MS

So this is it - the last day of round 2 and I'm feeling really optimistic and full of energy.
Mentally I'm picturing myself in medieval costume with a sword in hand chopping the Dragon MonSter into the last little tiny pieces. Visualisation works so well for me mentally;  making a picture of it makes it more real and gives me a target to aim for (does that make sense or make me sound like a moron ?)
I've seen the Lovely Dr C this morning, I'm feeling thoroughly chastised as she commented that I 'Appear to have put weight on'. Of course she's right I've put on quite a bit of weight, and it's nothing to do with Lemtrada or MS, it's simply me over compensating for a heart-breaking year with Wine and rich food. I know this has to be addressed, I have my plan mentally prepared and we will get through the next week and then implement it.
On a completely silly and unrelated note I nearly asked for a dose of something to combat having a mild case of the squits ..... (I can't spell the D word even close enough that spell correct understands me) upon inspection of the bag of Sugar Free Mint Humbugs I've been using to combat steroid taste in my mouth there is a clearly written warning 'Excessive consumption may cause Laxative effect' .... MAY - MAY - it's taken me 3 days to eat an 80g bad - Hardly EXCESSIVE you absolute lying bastards.
Standard steroid reactions from me all the way through this, I'm now sitting here with my bare feet flat on the floor trying to leach some coolness into me. It looks like I'll be spending the summer in Flip Flops again to regulate my body temperature by ventilating my feel.
So anyway no more of those sweets for me - back to the mini cheddars - oh no can't eat those they have calories and after the Lovely Dr C's dressing down I'll have to pass on them too .... Dust that's it, Dust doesn't have calories - hospital's sparkly clean no dust - bugger.
Day 3 review
7:45 kick off this morning with the Steroids and Anti-histamine. By 9:30 I was plumbed into Lemtrada for the last time.
13:00 Lemtrada is all gone from the bag now it's just the saline flush baby and we're all done with this shizzle.
13:30 - all done
So long and thanks for all the fish as the dolphins said in Hitch Hickers Guide to the Galaxy ..... I just demolished your shitty little MS world with a Lemtrada Superhighway xxx

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