Monday 16 May 2016

Week 52 - 2 days until round 2

Less than  48 hours until I get plumbed in for round 2 now.
  • My water intake is where it should be
  • My vitamin levels are good
  • Super oxygenated red blood cells all ready to go
  • Overall health and well being is awesome
Time to start packing for my hospital stay. Thinking back to round 1 and things I wish I'd had with me etc. Packing this time will include:
  • Extra paracetamol just in case they haven't got that on the general schedule this time and the headache comes again.
  • Enough mini cheddars to keep me going though the steroid munchies. 
  • My trusty Solarcaine should the Lem-Rash shows itself again.
  • My Brita Water Filter bottle which holds 1ltr so I can monitor the water intake without lugging 9 litres of water into hospital with me.
  • My tech kit will be similar to last time to keep me amused, although I'm disturbed to realise how many apple devices I own with cracked screens these days. I really need to be less clumsy (wine related) I'm also gutted to discover Deadpool isn't available for download until next month, I would have loved being able to watch that again while I was being treated (although everyone would think I was a crazy person for laughing so hard)
  • Ear plugs and eye mask so I get some sleep.
  • Mints and Werthers Original to combat the Steroid taste in my mouth.
I've called hew hospital about parking concessions as I'm going to drive myself down there and back so the car will be there for 3 days (£16 a day to park there) apparently for inpatients like me there is a concession price for a week's parking £18 for a whole week YAY - I'll take that one please, so my advice for the day particularly if you're UK based is 'ask' - what's the worst they could do - say no ?
I think the set up has changed a little at Southampton as I'm 'day care' for treatment but overnight on E-Neuro which sounds a little untidy. I've volunteered to book into the travel lodge down the road if it's a problem with bed allocation.
We've had a lovely weekend, the weather has been fantastic and the dogs have had lovely walks in a new park area that they really do love. I had my oxygen treatment on Saturday morning at 33ft, and we were out with old friends on Saturday night for a long overdue catch up with the 'Bramley Crew'
On Sunday I bought 2 pairs of normal court shoes with heels - pretty ones not practical 'I can walk in these without wondering if they'll fall off or if I will fall off them' shoes. I'm officially out of the cowboy boots now and wearing 'girl shoes' again for the first time since 2011 and it's amazing just how much more confidence it gives me plus a huge sense of pride that I've come this far thanks to Lemtrada.
The 'Dead Mole' that was cryo-frozen off my forehead has now formed yet another scab which I'm desperately trying not to pick at (it's so tempting) and I'm so happy that it wasn't the scary thing that it was first thought to be.
EDIT : 2 hours on from when I typed this ^^^ I've picked it - oh damn but if felt good however I now feel very naughty. BAD TRACY
Panic stations once again for dog care while we are up North on Sunday / Monday / Tuesday for Nana Mary's funeral on Monday afternoon. Once again our regular kennel's are fully booked and I'm having a bit of a flap, especially since I'm out of commission for 3 days this week.
Despite being in for round 2 it's going to be a full on Hypocritical me week, Saturday we're going for a BBQ and to meet LBD who's now arrived in the world. Both Mummy and Jasper are home and doing well, so baby snuggles, travelling, sad goodbyes, treatment round 2, and whatever life throws in my direction.

I will do it all in my lovely new heels and everything will be okay because I won't tolerate it any other way.

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