Monday, 9 May 2016

Week 51 - Heartbroken again with a side order of scared

It's been another heart-breaking week in our family. Gareth's grandmother passed away Tuesday night / Wednesday morning. It was completely unexpected and has knocked the entire family for six, it particularly hard on Gareth's father who found her, and of course his Mum as Mary was her Mum.
We have been up in Halifax for a few days with them, just doing what we can to help and be there for the family. I can't describe how grateful we were that we had seen Nana Mary 10 days before and she was on fine form, we both had an opportunity to hug her and tell her we loved her.

This next bit is troublesome and 'may' be related to my lowered immune system
I also noticed over the weekend that I had a scabbed over part on my forehead in the same place again (4 times this has happened in the last month) for no reason. I've seen the doctor today and been urgently referred to a dermatologist with a suspected BCC - Basel Cell Carcinoma. Yes that word has the connotations you're thinking of, but it's very low risk, it can burnt off with icy stuff and I'm already booked to see the specialist on Wednesday evening. From what I understand (damn you Dr F***ing Google) it will be biopsied and removed leaving me with a reasonable scar on the side of my forehead.
My Doctor doesn't think it would be a 'blocker' to having round 2 next week at all, I have however informed my MS nurse who in turn is informing Dr C of what's happening. It's not exactly something I can hide - a big scar on my head really is it ?
although ......
Perhaps it's time to consider a 'fringe' again to cover it up (I look REALLY terrible with a fringe) (PS that's 'Bangs' to American readers) this may necessitate a complete restyle of the barnet to hide 'fringe-ness' something short haired and pixie like maybe (see the project manager is taking over and mitigating risk already)

Anyway back to the weeks updates:
I now have my new Car/Van and it's lovely, it was sad to see the Peugeot go, it was the car my mum gave me just before she died, but it really was in one heck of a state. Gareth is now waiting for his new car to be ready on Wednesday. Boys need to have new toys especially when someone else got a nice one.
It's been lovely over the weekend but we didn't get round to  BBQ as a result of time constraints and it's now pretty grey and chilly - I fear we might have blinked and missed the British Summer.
My friend was induced last Thursday, and it's now Monday, Little Baby D still hasn't appeared. Sending you my love Mr and Mrs D, thinking of you xxx

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