Monday 23 May 2016

Mid week 2:1 update

Apologies there have been no updates since Friday, I have kind of been caught up in that crazy old thing called life.
 I drove home from the hospital on Friday and then ❤Gareth took me out for dinner    We had a lovely mail at a little country pub. It was very quiet with great service and great food    Then I came home sat in the garden in the sunshine and had hugs with the dogs and a nice big glass of wine   I did forego my oxygen treatment on Saturday as I thought that I should probably have a lie in  and catch up on some sleep. It wasn't noisy in the hospital but I didn't sleep as much as I normally would   Saturday afternoon we already had plans to go to a barbecue it was my good friends introduction of the new baby boy Jasper to all their friends.  I have to say there is something pretty epic about a lady who gave birth 10 days ago hosting a party for 50 people. I had the most awesome snuggles with Jasper, I fed him but wimped out in changing (because I'm a complete novice and it's been nearly 18 years since I've changed a baby). He's so beautiful and I'm so very happy that L&D have their beautiful little man xxx
 On Sunday we put the dogs in kennels and got in the car and drove up to Halifax   Today has been Nana Mary's funeral both a sad day and the celebration of her life.  It's been lovely to see ❤Gareth's family and to see everyone enjoying each other but it's also terribly sad because Mary would be as mad as await him to have missed such a lovely gathering of family and friends as this one
 We are driving home tomorrow and then back to normality I'm in work on Wednesday and everything is good
 Treatment wise this is my update.

 I've had a little bit of a rash and on occasion a raging case oft he itchies.  Nothing that a dose of antihistamine doesn't sort out   As usual the steroids have turned me into a human volcano and my entire body's temperature needs to be controlled by the temperature of my feet.
 All in all I'm feeling pretty awesome I'm super confident that this is done what I wanted It to do. It has stopped my lesions from damaging my brain and spine any further. It has stopped new lesions from forming. It has also allowed my body to do what the human body does best, heal and repair.  My hopes for the future are so high,  and I truly hope that anyone else going through this treatment gets the results they hope for too.

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