Thursday 19 May 2016

Round 2 - Day 2 it's all great !!!

Good morning from Sunny Hotel Southampton (or University Hospital Southampton as they call it)

I went to sleep at a reasonable time last night and slept really well the ward was nice and quiet, no disturbances in the night. Then at 06:30 the poor nurse came round with my acyclovir and put her hand on my shoulder to wake me. The involuntary reaction of my whole body bouncing about 3 inches into the air with a loud yelp nearly had her falling over. Oopsie - she'll remember that tomorrow morning.

I've declined the paracetamol this morning, I haven't got a headache (yet) and I'm nearly through my first half litre of water. I'm due back downstairs on C-Neuro at 8am so I'll pack up and head down I will add the day schedule and how it goes later xxx
Infusion update:
They did the steroids and anti histamine push but as they were changing to the Lemtrada I commented that the cannula in my hand felt a bit like tooth ache. They had a look at it and decided it needed to move. It's now in the back of my left hand for the remainder of round 2.
All quiet on the infusion front, steady blood pressure, pulse and temperature. I am more flushed today from the steroids but then that's not unusual. I did that on day 2 of round 1 (the nurses blamed it on the wine I'd had last time) I fee slightly vindicated that it's happened again this time and there hasn't been any wine! (no way was I risking the wrath of the MS nurse this time round - I was still stinging from the last time)
So another good nights sleep I hope then the final vanquish of the MonSter, after this because I'm having no other treatment for MS side effects. So fingers crossed, dance naked round a fairy ring, rub a magic lantern and just hope beyond all hope that I don't relapse again - ever!!
I will go home, go to sleep and dream and then on Saturday I will wake up and carry on living my dreams as I have been doing since just after round 1.
I will NEVER give up I will NEVER stop fighting this. This is a down and dirty battle of wills and I will continue to be more brutal to MS than it will ever be allowed to be to me. I don't fight fair I fight to win and this round is definitely mine!

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