Tuesday 31 May 2016

Blog - The book

The blog has now had over 42,000 views worldwide which I think is quite an achievement. I had always hoped that this would reach and help as many people as possible receiving, considering or researching Lemtrada as a treatment.
As the blog grew bigger I received a lot of requests for it in a more 'MS Friendly' format and I decided to publish it. Unfortunately it can't be done for free, but it can be done for a VERY good cause. All royalties from sales of the book are going directly to the UK registered MS charity ShiftMS
SHIFT MS registered charity number: 1117194
It's not a great literary work of genius I'll admit that, but it's going to a very good cause so please consider picking up a copy from the amazon store
Happy reading.
To the guys and girls of ShiftMS thank you so much for being there for me and so many others during our battle with MS. I hope this does more than just help refill the petty cash tin xxx

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