Thursday, 12 May 2016

Mid week 51 - Not so scary after all

I saw the dermatologist last night.
She wasn't comfortable that it had been identified as a BCC at all, after a close inspection of it she said it didn't look anything like a BCC and that it was a 'badly behaved mole' that really just needed to be left alone. She did however offer to cryogenically burn him off for 'peace of mind' which I accepted straight away.
This was a bit like choosing Lemtrada really, an easy choice to make - don't mess around, don't fight fair, fight to win - Die Moley Die!
The offending mole passed away at 17:45 yesterday, cryogenically killed with a squirt can.
Last night I looked like I had a big bee sting on my forehead, but this morning it's calmed down some and I have quite a 'cute' teardrop shaped burn mark on my forehead. It looks a little like when you're getting something out of the oven and you catch yourself on the hot shelf at the top. I think I can live with quite happily without resorting to 'fringe-ness' so it's all good in Tracy-World right now.
My MS team are happy that the offending Mole has been cryo-killed and Round 2 is happening on plan WOOHOO HAPPY DAYS xxx

Oh and YAY - my smear came back clean too

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