Friday 29 April 2016

Week 49 - 19 days until Round 2

So sorry my update is late this week, but I'm blaming a tooth abscess which after a week of generic dental pain suddenly morphed into a whopping great abscess around lunch time on Monday. An emergency trip to the dentist was required for a couple of pain killing injections and 'lancing' of the abscess. I really don't recommend this as a 'fun activity This clearly explains why when my bloods were taken last Friday that my lazy Lymphocytes which have been lazing around and not breeding for the last few months had suddenly gone into overdrive. I now have a whopping 2 whole weeks of high dose antibiotics three times a day to kill off the infection.
I've spoken to my MS nurse about the abscess and antibiotics and she's happy we know what's going on and are dealing with it before treatment starts.
Preparations are all in hand for yet another action packed weekend. We are off up to Solihull on Saturday morning, the dogs are being dropped at a kennels for an overnight stay at the place where Amber-dog was born, she might even get to meet her Dad again.
There is a charity football event at Old Silhillians RugBy club where both my Dad and Brother played in years gone by. This is to be followed by a proper 'Old Skool' disco. All proceeds to Help For Hero's which my brother was a huge supporter of and on Saturday it would have been Ian's 41st Birthday.
The closer I get to Saturday the more and more sick I'm feeling. I know it's silly of me to be this way, it's going to be fun and great to see so many friends, my 'acquired' brothers from other mothers, old school friends I've not seen since I actually left school in 1988. But this time last year was such fun preparing the 'Surprise' for Ian's 40th, it was the last time I saw Ian well before he died. It's the last time I could hug him and he hugged me back. It's the last time I told him I loved him and he told me he loved me back. There's so much I wish we could have done together, he would have been so 'up' for this event tomorrow and it just isn't right that we are doing this without him.
In preparation I've been and had my oxygen treatment a day early this week. If I'm going to be a basket case I might as well have super oxygenated red blood cells while I'm at it.
Round 2 is now only 19 days away, so as I did last year I'm ramping up all my preparation activities. the vitamins and minerals, the oxygen and water, the immune system support products. For me round 1 was an easy experience and life has just got better and better for me.
I'm excited to continue my journey, nervous that it's already working what if something changes, whatever happens it will all be here in detail (if poorly written)
Take care guys and girls xx

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