Thursday 21 April 2016

Week 48 - The Countdown to Round 2

It's quite strange not updating the posts into the Book version at the same time as entering them in here. I've been doing it for so long now, and if I post edit the book version any more to remove my typo's duplicates and general inane ramblings I'm going to go quietly (or not so quietly) mad.
We had a lovely weekend up in Halifax with Gareth's parents. We went back to the lovely Julio's for a meal on Saturday night, walked the dogs on the park, visited with Gareth's grandmother and saw his nieces. All together an action packed weekend, and the traffic on the 500 mile round trip wasn't too crappy either.
I'm late adding this week's update because I've been waiting for my blood results to come back, strangely despite the Vampiric blood collection last Friday they have only partially returned, I don't have the important bit for the lymphocytes yet. I'm not exactly a happy bunny that I might have to go back to the doctors tomorrow and get stabbed again to collect some more.
On Tuesday it was Gareth's 37th birthday and we are back to me only being 7 years older than him rather than the 8 years it's been since March 3rd which makes me feel slightly less of an old bag. I had the day worked out with a train into London followed by a luxury breakfast at The Delauney for rather amazing Eggs Benedict.
We then went on to not quite so glamorous Tottenham to do a private VIP tour of the Tottenham Hotspur Ground. I'm not a Spurs fan, but I have to say the tour was absolutely amazing, the history and the stories that our guide had to tell were edged with the perfect amount of humour. I had no idea that grounds played such mind games with the opposition by making things uncomfortable in the 'Away Changing Rooms' slippery floors, low ceilings, uncomfortable seating and the hooks for clothing positioned at strange heights. I asked had they ever been somewhere that the hot water for the showers malfunctioned and it raised a chuckle - they now think I'm more evil than the opposition are.
We went out for dinner rather then cook when we got home and discovered another lovely place to eat that's really close to home, just a little village pub but all home made food that is served beautifully.
All in all with the travelling at the weekend, sleeping in a bed that's not our comfy Tempur mattress king size, an active day in London I'm not feeling too bad at all.
I am now 19 days since my last oxygen treatment and my next one isn't for another 2 days. This is the longest I've gone in over a year without having one. If I'm honest I'm aware that I need one, I'm not cog-fog ridden or pseudo symptomatic, it's more a vague awareness that I feel quite 'old' and I know that having one will give me a boost.
I've made it to Thursday, tomorrow I work from home, watch the cleaners do what I simply don't have the desire to do, then off to the doctors for that lovely pre-treatment test that only ladies get to enjoy (and maybe get stabbed again)
The weekend is calling to me and just for once we have absolutely  bugger all planned for it!!!! I can't wait to have a long sleep, get up late and not have to worry about being on a schedule, having things planned or commitments I have to keep. So why oh why am I now thinking 'if the weather is nice why don't we have the first BBQ of the year invite everyone over and have some fun' - well clearly it's because I'm an idiot, a raging hypocrite and have no common sense what so ever.
Situation normal there then
Love hugs and positive thoughts for you all

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