Friday 15 April 2016

33 days to go to treatment (again) Happy 1st Birthday LemBlog

What a difference a year makes
365 little days
This time last year thanks to MS
  • I was losing my sight
  • I was walking with a stick and at one point in a wheelchair
  • I had no feeling in my skin except electric shock sensations to 85% of my body
  • Brain fog that made me feel like I had the onset of dementia
  • Bathroom urgency had taken me prisoner for fear I'd have an accident
  • I walk unaided anywhere I want to
  • My eyes have settled back to being just as rubbish as they ever were
  • I have all my feeling back
  • The Brain fog has gone
  • Going to the bathroom as a peaceful thing, it's certainly not terrifying any more.
Lemtrada is the ONLY DMT I've  received for MS since I was diagnosed in 2014 and I credit all my improvements to it giving control of my immune system back to me.
It's not Witchcraft, Voodoo or one of these internet 'wonder-cures' designed to prey on the hopes and dreams of people with MS.
It is simply a fully approved medical treatment for Relapsing Remitting MS internationally that is right now the most effective treatment available for stopping MS in it's tracks.
My first year is fully documented here, it is my personal journey, every step of it. This is more a 'Not So Secret Diary of Tracy D aged 43 and 1 month' (when it started). It's not just my MS, it's my life, and living, loving, the heart breaking loss of my brother and my Grandmother, moving house, my badly behaved dogs, and anything else random that enters my head to be honest
I hope that this gives people considering this treatment a real view of how the first year has been for me through the great, the good and the awful. That yes this is a big deal treatment but it's a miracle too and the benefits far outweigh the risks.
I'm in the process of releasing year 1 in a more user friendly readable format through Kindle / eBooks. Unfortunately I can't do it for free but all funds generated from the sales of it will be donated to the Charity SHIFTMS which has been my saviour, advice line and a sanity saving resource for me and is without doubt the most positive and inspirational group of MS'ers on t'interwebs.
So Roll on round 2
So here is my pledge for the coming year :
MS keep your head down because I know you've learnt your lesson already, but just in case your memory is as faulty as your immune function I'm going to tell you a second time. This is MY body, MY Immune System, you're not welcome here so kindly STFU and Stay Away!!!!!

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